Whatever happened to Weeds?

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 2.48.53 pm.jpgWeeds fans will be well aware that the show has, perplexingly, not yet finished its playout on Nine.

The series last aired new episodes on late-night in January, just 4 episodes short of its finale (5 counting the double ending), before it reverted back to repeat episodes.

But good news is on the way.

Nine advises those last few episodes will at last air “after July 1.”

Meanwhile, does anybody recall if TEN ever finished screening Medium? I seem to recall that stopped short of its ending too, but fans may be able to confirm.


  1. Thanks David – “after July” is a typically vague answer from nine. Doesn’t actually commit them to anything!

    Medium is still to play out the final (shortened) season, but I too have seen the box set which usually means the network has given away any plans to air it….

  2. TEN never finished Monk. It was played Saturday nights in non-football states on occasions, but we rarely got it in Adelaide. From memory I managed to catch on some episodes via TV1, and then I obtained the final two seasons from other sources as there was no chance of ever seeing it on FTA and I could not wait two more years at least for Foxtel to obtain the rights.

  3. @Secret Squirrel – they all do it. Channel 7 is also doing this – they got through 3 of the second set of 6 episodes of suits only a couple of months after the US, but then there’s no new episode next week. I don’t understand the logic – surely 11pm on a Monday night isn’t exactly a critical timeslot to go changing around….

    And Bones has gone walkabout again – if its anything like last year it’ll show up 2-3 times a week just before the new season starts.

    Plus there’s the ‘random’ repeats thrown in (eg law&order this week, although I guess that might be Ch10 trying to stretch its new episodes for as long as possibly…

    Although to be fair it does seem to be working for some channels – big bang theory repeats get good ratings for ch 9, even as the new episodes get moved arround (Wed next week, who knows when the week after). So maybe annoying the viewers is a good…

  4. @max,Ten in Vic never finished Monk.They didn’t show the last few seasons.In NSW & QLD I think it was shown on Saturday nights when other states had AFL.
    Thankfully TV1 on Foxtel showed the final few seasons.

  5. after July 1? ahh, how bout now?! surely they can find a spot for it.

    Medium’s final season is out on dvd, so maybe rent it if your waiting for its return. same with Weeds.

    speaking of shows FTA are behind on, Covert Affairs. wasn’t even on last year, what gives?!

  6. Secret Squirrel

    Of all the things that I have trouble understanding why a network does them, stopping showing a series a couple of eps before the season final and then playing repeats would be at the top of the list.

    I just can’t see how the network is going to be better off than if they played the series right thru and then showed repeats. maybe they catch a few people out who watch the repeats expecting them to be new eps?

    I think Seven, Nine, and Ten are all guilty of this but Nine seems to make a habit of it. I started sourcing an increasing number of drama series from elsewhere and that is now my first choice.

  7. Ten did not finish screening Medium. They started to play out the final season on Friday nights but that was pulled after just 2 episodes. There were 13 episodes in the final season meaning that Ten is still sitting on 11 episodes. Last year they repeated the second last season late night but still missed that last season.

  8. I saw the Prison Break finale on Ch7… I used to like Weeds, but it turned it a weird direction & I cant get into it anymore…

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