At last, the Medium finale…

It's only taken a few years, but we will finally get to see the finale for Medium next week.


It’s only taken a few years, but we will finally get to see the long overdue finale for Medium next week, airing at 10:30pm next Monday, April 11 on ELEVEN.

The show was running weekly back in 2010 when things came to a sudden and unfinished halt, then later re-started only to be thwarted once again.

Finally things will come to a close for Allison DuBois, played by Patricia Arquette who has since moved onto CSI Cyber, also on TEN.

If only she had seen it comin’….

“Me Without You”
The Dubois family is forever changed when Allison becomes a lawyer and Joe starts a new job.

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  1. Really? That’s ridiculous it took so long. Especially since you’ve been able to buy it on DVD since about 2012

    I have no idea how much of the final season I ended up seeing since it got screwed around with. I’d be interested in seeing it just to see how it ends but I’ve read that it isn’t the best episode & it sounds quite sad which puts me off in a way too

  2. I was disappointed and dismayed by the final episode, and wish I’d never seen it. Talk about a downer!

    If you love Medium, you might be better off skipping this episode altogether.

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