Returning: Weeds

2013-10-27_2326At long last.

Weeds finished in the US in September last year, but it finally starts in Australia next week on Nine.

This is the eighth and final season starring Mary-Louise Parker.

There are 13 episodes this season, plus the return of the “Little Boxes” theme song.

Andy and Jill reignite their inappropriate romance and Shane tells Silas about his new job. Meanwhile, Doug and Nancy share an awkward moment. The identities of the shooter and who got smoked are revealed.

11:30pm Tuesday November 5 on Nine.


  1. After showing a few episodes of season 8 (last episode I saw was episode 8 of season 8), ch 9 are now showing episodes from season 7.

    I am so confused!

  2. Too late – already seen Weeds/Fringe/Californication etc on DVD! As have 90% of the potential audience that it would have possibly drawn if it had been broadcast with any sort of reliability and timeliness in the first place….

  3. It has been so long I have forgotten what happened at the end of the previous series. Will have to investigate.

    Supposedly Californication is finally being showed soon too.

    I think CH10 (or eleven, or where ever it was) showed two episodes of a season and then stopped for some reason. hopeless.

  4. Why are they showing this season of Weeds, and the last season of Fringe?
    Viewers who like these shows have already gone and found them elsewhere.
    It’s why I finally gave in and subscribed to Foxtel, for reliable programming, and stopped watching 7, 9 and 10.
    And as for those 3 stations, they don’t even exist in my mind any more. We never ever watch anything on any of them!
    I think it’s called a slippery slope, and was caused by the networks themselves.

  5. I loved this show till channel 9 butchered it. It was getting played latter and latter every time it was on then it was flicked to GEM @ some stupid hour then finally repeats where being played. It became to hard to keep track of when it was on ETC… Do it justice this time pleaseeeee

  6. Over to GEM in a fortnight, then?

    (It would be a better fit there anyway, could take the 930pm slot from Rizzoli and Isles which season ends tonight)

  7. carolemorrissey

    Yay, finally. They’ve been showing the same repeats over and over, now finally the final season. Lets hope they don’t stuff around with it and take it off and then bring it back. Just show the whole bloody thing 9!!!!!!!!!

  8. you had me excited for a second that there was a ninth season. I think most fans would have obtained the season from other sources by now.

    It’s not even in HD like the previous seasons.

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