Denise Drysdale in demand

Ding Dong shows no signs of slowing down, cramming in two Live shows in different cities in the one day.

2014-06-12_2340 ddVeteran performer Denise Drysdale shows no signs of slowing down, yesterday cramming in two Live shows in different cities in the one day.

Bright and early yesterday morning ‘Ding Dong’ was a guest panellist on Studio 10 at TEN’s Pyrmont studio.

But by the evening she was in Melbourne for an appearance on ABC2’s Dirty Laundry Live.

Drysdale happily lent her support to host Lawrence Mooney, to whom she had given a helping hand when he was her sidekick on Channel Seven’s daytime show Denise 15 years ago.

Drysdale was serving up ‘Ding Dong Daiquiris’ in the show’s very own After Party segment, at the end of a long day.

Both shows drew upon her naturally-gifted Live television and comedy skills and while she go-go danced on ABC2 she chicken-danced on TEN.

The former Circle host told Studio 10 team, “I’ve been terribly lucky. I’ve been in a business that I love and I’m still working, so thank you to the audience. Because if you’re not there I haven’t got a job.

“I started at Channel Nine when I was 10 and a half in The Tarax Show.”

Asked about the key to her enduring career, she replied, “What you see is what you get.”

Drysdale, who can be heard voicing The Flamin’ Thongs on ABC3, is next to appear in ABC2’s Please Like Me in August.

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  1. Had the pleasure of interviewing Denise for my Audience with the Pope. A lovely lady with great stories. Check out both free 15 minute audio interviews at AnAudienceWithThePope.com.au

  2. Sorry Denise, but surely an ex-NSW premier co-hosting a TV show is a story in itself!? Kristina Keneally is so well spoken & beautiful that it’s a great shame she’s not in the public eye more often. Hope this is a sign she wants to run for Labor federally.

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