Dr. Andrew Rochford joins Seven

2014-06-02_0036Former Project co-host Andrew Rochford has signed with Seven as its new national health editor.

Rochford departed TEN last week without explanation, but the move was unrelated to staff cuts.

“My deal with Seven was done several weeks before all of that happened,” Rochford told the Daily Telegraph.

“It predates it by some time. But I do feel horrible for everyone at TEN. It’s not good for anyone that that’s happening.”

Rochford, who also appeared on Breakfast and The Living Room for TEN, will contribute to Sunday Night as well as regular appearances on Seven News, Sunrise and The Morning Show.

Management for Rochford did not return calls.


  1. And don’t forget he lives in Sydney, from where most (all?) his new programs emanate, The Project comes out of Melbourne.

    I like him, but do find him fairly bland as a host.

  2. Well put it this David, I don’t believe its the first time Channel 7 has poached other people from other networks.

    Channel 7 is also has a history, of having tightly controlled contracts on their staff.

    Channel 7 also has a long long history of fighting anything and everything through the courts.

    In the last case with about the Chief Programmer Stephenson, Channel 10 exposes some of the dirty linen and dealings to highly embarrassed channel 7.

    • Rochford, off contract signs with Seven. Denyer, off contract signs with TEN.

      The Stephens case (he is nobody’s Chief Programmer) exposed exec machinations of two networks, both of which have been detailed here previously.

      At the end of the day, Andrew Rochford clearly went where he saw the best opportunity so good luck to him.

  3. Not wanting to be a hater, but I always found him bland. Not particularly funny or insightful. Maybe 7 will be better vehicle for him. Although no real loss for Ten. In fact, a chance to try out some new talent.

  4. The sleazy dealings of Channel 7 exposed again.

    Dr Rochford couldn’t sign a new contract with Channel 10. Cause he had already sign a contract with 7. And just waited for the deal with 10 to expire.

  5. aaah, makes sense now why he left Ten without explanation. Good to see him join Seven. He has the room to be on the various programs Seven has to offer (compared to Ten.

  6. A great win for 7. I think he is a bit too light to replace Charlie on The Project but he will be a great fill in host of Sunrise and The Morning Show and even a great replacement down the track. He has become really comfortable in front of the camera in the last 12 months.

  7. wellinmyopinion

    Thank god. I hate the guy! As i boycott Channel 7 I will gladly never have to see his face again! Are we sure he is actually a Dr?

  8. This is symptomatic of the current landscape of FTA television.
    Rats leaving a sinking ship.

    TV Tonight reported that Rochford was offered a deal to stay with TEN. He declined.
    Bert Newton stayed with TEN for a lot longer, due to some kind of respect.
    Same with Kerri Anne and Nine.

    The “fluffy” stories about Charlie Pickering and Dave Hughes don’t ring true. Then we have the breakfast debacle.
    Things are not right at TEN.

  9. This reeks of Sunrise succession planning IMO. Kochie will probably call it a day in the next couple of years, at which point Andrew O’Keefe shifts to weekdays and Dr Rochford (assuming he resonates with audiences) moves into Saturday/Sunday.

  10. I can never work out why TEN did not use this guy to replace Paul Henry on Breakfast……and then Replace James on Wake up with him…. These shows might have stood a chance.

    He presented well and was very likeable….and a good find by Ten….and suited there demo.

    Great pick up by Seven…he will be on just about every Seven program now as a health expert.

    How many more nails are Seven going to hammer into Ten’s coffin….with Ten’s assistance of course.

  11. once-upon-a-time

    Another outmaneuvered deal and so skilfully botched by Network TEN!!

    Perhaps Network TEN management should have someone ( possibly the lunch trolley jockey) on a plane to Afghanistan, to poach one/some of the Taliban warlord negotiators, because they even out negotiated the yanks and negotiated a Five for One swap that was proudly announced to the world yesterday.

    @ HeyJude

    Can’t see that ever happening at Sunrise, because didn’t the Doc. pull the pin when he previously couldn’t work with an out of touch right wing breakfast host????

  12. Seven gain Ten’s most liked and marketable personality. Ten gain Seven’s most disliked and annoying personality. How stupid is Ten?

  13. That’s great for Dr Roch and for the country having a health expert on our screens that actually is an expert. But it still sucks for TEN as there is no replacing him.

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