Update: When Love Comes to Town. Returning: CSI. Gone: Mom.

CSI returns this week with the episode that kicks off the spin-off series CSI: Cyber.

2014-06-07_2149Nine will air a double episode of When Love Comes to Town on Tuesday night stretching from 8:30pm to 11pm.

The change from episodes across Tuesday and Wednesday nights is presumably due to low ratings for the romance series, last week down to 510,000.

This is the second change for the show, which was originally slated in a 7:30pm timeslot.

Elsewhere, CSI is back on Wednesday night from 9pm with the second last episode in Season 14.

The murder of a well-known casino owner’s wife is cyber-related, so the CSIs get a boost from the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division.

This is the episode that spins-off CSI: Cyber starring Patricia Arquette as Special Agent Avery Ryan.

Meanwhile, Mom is currently out of schedule as a result.

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  1. CSI is the only show I ever watch on Nine, and they’ve treated it appallingly: lumping it into the schedules as and when they fancy, or when they have a gap, dropping episodes, repeating old episodes, screening two at a time…
    And then they wonder why it’s not the ratings behemoth that it used to be.
    Here’s a clue for those at Nine: downloads.

  2. If Nine had got their priorities right for this Year We would have 7pm Nightly Mom.Hello we are not all a nation of elderly old people or bogans/ferals that care for the garbage that is A Current Affair.

  3. JBAR is right.. I’m not sure what is worse the casting or the producing? Not one hottie on the box. Not sure why Nine keeps backing the wrong people to make their shows, its an expensive exercise. Looks like they are trying to burn the remaining eps of the Love show, don’t know why they don’t just axe it?

  4. The last episode of CSI that was aired was ep 15 “Love For Sale” so 5 episodes have been skipped. I think this will be a one-off before State Of Origin II because there are more promos for Hamish & Andy happening *groan*

  5. Hi- Ive been *trying* to follow CSI regardless of the endless schedule changes… have we somehow skipped episodes though? “Kitty” isn’t meant to be the next episode after the last one aired on Nine? help!?

  6. Nine’s schedule lacks a lot of depth beyond The Voice. They missed an opportunity in not leveraging The Voice to launch any new dramas in its initial weeks. And two reality shows at once has never worked previously either (Celebrity Apprentice, Bake Off, Farmer). If Nine had some more depth in its non reality content, they wouldn’t have to milk two seasons from The Block and The Voice every year, and they wouldn’t have to roll out Big Bang repeats every time a new show flops.

  7. Bit strange Nine are deciding to run 3 repeats of TBBT before CSI and airing it at 9pm. Surely a 3rd repeat of TBBT isn’t going to rate any better than if CSI was to start at 8:30pm.

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