1.7m for MasterChef as TEN scores best share in 3 years


TEN has now won its second night of the ratings week with MasterChef Australia: The Winner Announced seeing Brent Owens win to the tune of 1.7m viewers.

The bulk of the show coded as Finale was 1.65m viewers.

Both were the biggest numbers for TEN this year, with Winner Announced even surpassing Nine’s finale for The Voice in the same timeslot a week ago.

Together with the Commonwealth Games coverage, TEN scored a massive 35.2% network share -its biggest since August 2011.

TEN punished its rivals, who largely avoided heavy competition, with Seven at 22.4%, Nine 21.5%, ABC 17.2% and SBS just 3.8%.

ONE dominated multichannels with a 7.2% share.

TEN’s other content was some distance behind its Reality finale with The Project (734,000 / 508,000), Glasgow Live (721,000 / 412,000) and TEN Eyewitness News (634,000).

Seven News (1.12m / 1.03m) was best for Seven with all other titles under the magic million: Home and Away (873,000), The Force (707,000), Highway Patrol (695,000), Million Dollar Minute (529,000) and the movie Total Recall (412,000).

Nine News (1.18m / 1.15m) led Nine then The Block (926,000), ACA (910,000), Hot Seat (619,000), movie The Vow (463,000) and Footy Classified (154,000 in 3 cities).

ABC News (846,000) topped the ABC’s night then 7:30 (779,000), Four Corners (755,000), Australian Story (716,000), Media Watch (617,000) and Q & A (530,000).

SBS had a tough night with James May’s Toy Stories (199,000), Infested with Parasites (195,000), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (124,000) and SBS World News (120,000).

Glasgow Live (471,000 / 329,000) ruled multichannels.

Sunrise: 310,000
Today: 240,000
ABC News Breakfast: 83,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 28 July 2014


  1. In response to bender, I think most of the comments on Reality Ravings are humorous. But some do cross the line, notably a poster calling themselves Pork Chop who made a nasty anti Muslim comment after another poster had wished everybody Eid Mubarak.

  2. I agree that this season of Masterchef was a winner. and I also think that the networks are all doing a pretty good job of keeping out of each others way this year. I remember this time last year being annoyed that i had to channel flip a lot and miss stuff.
    Not sure if its just the shows I like not being scheduled together, but it seems to be working well for rating too.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    Masterchef………Good showing for TEN. Proably shows that it does not pay to muck around with a formula, it was tried last year and it failed.
    Congrats on bringing the show back to its roots.

    On other Channels Brooklyn Nine Nine…Superb.

  4. Congrats to ten and shine for a great season of mc. Such a positive show as apposed to the nastiness of mkr. Also would like to say thanks to all the people who comment on this site for being insightful and generally positive in their comments. Looked at reality ravings this year and was appalled at the negativity and nastiness of the comments. Thanks david for not allowing such blatant trolling on your site.

  5. jezza the first original one

    Finally ch10 have something worth shouting about, but now comes he challenge of sustaining this. Dome ,which is on tonight, is tanking, so it will be interesting to see tomorrows figures and whether The Bach can fire up viewers (its all too chessey for me).on Wed and Thu

    But MC was a job well done, so congrats to all involved

  6. so it seems with 10 winning its 9 losing coming in 3rd. Now without masterchef it will be interesting to see how it goes.

    Just out of interest what did last years MC final rate? I know it was very very low.

  7. Brooklyn Nine Nine was a great comedy on SBS One last night. From The Office and Parks and Rec stable, it lived up to its pedigree.

    Hasn’t SBS moved so far away from its original charter of providing niche overseas programming? Unless you call a US sitcom overseas programming.

  8. I hate to be pedantic, but the Voice Finale came in at 1.66m which pips Masterchef’s 1.65m. However, Winner announced for Masterchef easily beat the announcement for the Voice..

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