1.99m watch Adam & Lisa win House Rules

ADAM & LISA CELEBRATING THEIR WIN.jpg1.99m viewers tuned in to see Victorian couple Adam and Lisa announced as the winners of House Rules 2014.

There were 585,000 watching in Melbourne, 490,000 in Sydney and 330,000 in Perth. The bulk of the grand final averaged 1.73m viewers, roughly around the same that watched its strongest episode this season.

The numbers were up slightly on 2013’s 1.84m  / 1.53m but not enough to topple The Block‘s 2.18m winner announced this year.

Still, it was an easy win for Seven with a 37.9% share then Nine 25.1%, TEN 17.9%, ABC 13.8% and SBS 5.3%.

Following House Rules, Seven News was best for Seven at 1.32m then Sunday Night (1.29m) and A Place to Call Home (957,000) and Wimbledon (324,000).

The Voice: Kids and Nine News each netted 1.26m for Nine then 60 Minutes (999,000), House Husbands (754,000) and The Mentalist (419,000).

MasterChef Australia (909,000) was tops on TEN followed by Modern Family (601,000 / 490,000), Elementary (578,000), TEN Eyewitness News (541,000) and Formula One (355,000 in 3 cities).

Grand Designs was 779,000 for ABC1 then ABC News (708,000). Silent Witness was 641,000, Compass was 426,000 and The Tunnel was 351,000.

FIFA World Cup still leads SBS ONE with Morning News at 584,000 and Ned v CRC game at 457,000. In primetime SBS World News was 247,000, Tour de France was 185,000 and The Full Brazilian was 97,000.

7mate’s Men in Black led multichannels at 287,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 6 July 2014


  1. harrypotter1994

    Looks like House Husbands is heading to the scrap heap too?

    APTCH was the highest rating Aus Drama in S1 and House Husbands once won the logie for Popular Drama. So what went wrong? My thought is longer running reality is killing Aus Drama…Offspring at a normal time still rates well

  2. once-upon-a-time

    Darn it they only showed site foreman ‘ Chester’ from mid-chest height, I had a bet with a mate that he would be wearing his ‘overladen tool belt’ instead of a ‘cummerbund’ with a tuxedo.

    I now await for further developments/confirmation of truth or fiction, about the recent magazine rumours?, and hope that it was all mostly nasty fiction and that ‘Adam and Lisa’ are truly fair dink’m winners.

    As for next season I’ve decided to not watch any more episodes as such,(only last portions of reveals and judgement episodes) after Seven’s continual and deliberately misleading B/S with episode continuity, and poromos

  3. Men in Black III wasn’t it? I still have’t managed to catch it yet because its always on when there is other stuff to watch.

  4. Not every show should go forever season after season. It is good for shows to actually finish rather than fading away with lower and lower ratings each season.

    Packed to the Rafters for example probably went one season more than it should have.

  5. David, if you have time to answer this question – On the ratings data you have available to you, where does A Place To Call Home rank in the demographics?

  6. So despite the late start A Place To Call Home still gets close to a million and Seven have swung the axe. Seven really need to rethink this decision because last night was awesome but as we know they won’t and we have lost one of the best drama’s we have seen in this country in some time because of what exactly? They even went to lengths last night to say it was the #1 drama last year and yet its axed now?

    Good to see House Rules do well last night. Adam and Lisa were deserving winners and glad they won.

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