Airdate: ANZAC Girls

2014-07-29_1436ABC’s six-part series ANZAC Girls begins next month based on the true stories of nurses serving at Gallipoli and the Western Front.

Drawing on the book The Other Anzac as well as from diaries, letters, photographs and historical achievements the series features Alice (Georgia Flood), Elsie (Laura Brent), Olive (Anna McGahan), Hilda (Antonia Prebble) and Grace (Caroline Craig).

Male cast includes Dustin Clare, Todd Lasance, Charles Mayer and John Waters.

The Screentime series, largely written by Felicity Packard, was filmed in South Australia.

It’s World War One and the number of Australian and New Zealand army troops deployed to Europe and the Middle East begins to swell. As the casualities start to mount, the demand for nurses and doctors on the frontline becomes a priority.

Bright, beautiful and in their prime, nurses Alice Ross-King, Elsie Cook, Olive Haynes, Hilda Steele and Matron Grace Wilson sign-up to do their bit. With hopes of new adventures, challenges and thoughts of finding love and themselves, they are shipped to the other side of the world to serve their county.

The ANZAC girls arrive in Egypt and soon realize that war is not quite the ‘splendid adventure’ they initially thought as they deal with convoy after convoy of dead, dying and wounded men from the botched Gallipoli landing. While Alice, Elsie and Hilda continue to work in Egypt, Grace and Olive are sent to the barren Greek Island of Lemnos where for months they must endure a living hell as the wounded pour in from Gallipoli. The suffering and loss continue when the girls are seconded to a hospital in France and find themselves amongst the carnage of Europe and the Western Front, living through the long hard years of the war.

8:30pm Sunday August 10 on ABC.

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