Airdate: Extant

2014-07-03_0058New US sci-fi series Extant, starring Halle Berry, will premiere on TEN in just 10 days’ time.

Updated: It begins at 9pm Sunday July 13.


Astronaut Molly Woods returns from a 13-month solo mission in outer space. However, her mystifying experiences in space lead to events that will ultimately change the course of humanity.

Co-produced by Steven Spielberg, this airs on CBS on July 9th.

The cast also includes Goran Visnjic, Pierce Gagnon and Grace Gummer.


  1. Nothing seems to rate well after 9.30pm these days thats not already established, so I’m prepared to write this off already. Why not Thursday 8.30pm and have it air same day as the US instead of SVU repeats?

  2. Can – not – wait.

    I would have thought Tuesday after Under The Dome would have been a good slot and made one hell of a night of TV viewing on TEN!

    However Thursday would have meant they could air it hours after the US.

  3. The scenario is simply silly-13 months alone in space?-under what circumstances would this possibly occur? Has lost me from the beginning and I’m a hardcore Scifi fan since the 60s.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    I only watch F1 and Moto GP on One and even I’ve seen an ad. Didn’t really grab me tho’ and not really a fan of ms Berry. I’ll put it down as a definite maybe.

  5. Where have you been Russell. Ten have already promoted this for a week, add ten more days reaches over promotion range like they are doing with Family Feud.

  6. Umm @ Russell I don’t know where you’ve been but I’ve seen a stack of promos for Extant over the past 3 weeks. It’s had a pretty good promo base.

    9.30 is odd though…. it is following an extended Masterchef then revert to 8.30? Seems like a waste.

    I would have thrown this to Thursday nights to replace L&O rpts it would have given the show a chance at building a following.

  7. I’ve just returned from the US and this had to be one of the most heavily promoted shows on CBS. Along with sing star I think it was called .

  8. Ten does it again!

    A less than 10 day marketing campaign! No promos, no awareness, no website, no marketing – Nothing. They’ll run few promos for a few days to their average audience of 700,000 viewers and wonder why the show flops.

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