Returning: Extant

Can Extant deliver on a promise of "new characters, more action, and higher stakes?"


Season Two of Extant is coming to TEN next week.

This is a show I didn’t expect to be renewed by CBS, but at least TEN has given it a late-night slot.

According to the official Extant Facebook page, “This is not the ‪#‎Extant‬ you think you know. The season premiere introduced new characters, more action, and higher stakes.”

It returned in the US yesterday.

Six months have passed since Molly’s escape from the Offspring. Following Ethan’s death, her life has unravelled as she mourns the loss of her humanoid son.

Now confined to a psychiatric hospital, Molly’s dark past begins to rear its ugly head when she learns of a series of bizarre deaths, eerily similar to those she witnessed in space. When she escapes to investigate, she crosses paths with JD Richter, a determined cop who just signed on to the case.

10:30pm Monday on TEN.

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  1. I surprisingly got hooked on this show, even though it’s not the type of genre I would usually go for. I was also surprised that CBS renewed it also & that TEN hasn’t shafted it to a multi-channel considering its ratings for season 1. It’ll be interesting to see how the storyline & characters develop.

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