Bumped: Extant

Extant leaps to Wednesday night on TEN with a movie now in place on Sunday.

2014-07-03_0058Halle Berry is not quite defying gravity with TEN moving Extant from Sundays to Wednesdays as of next week.

It will now be replaced by a movie repeat Little Fockers, which was originally scheduled for Saturday night.

Extant moves to 9:30pm Wednesdays following Wonderland.

In the US the CBS show has also moved after disappointing ratings, but managed to stay steady in its most recent screening.

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  1. like many others I liked the first 2 episodes, but then it just turned into the usual boring drawn out plot that seems to eminate out of America, Aus tv chs may have to rethink paying big dollars for this stuff as it no longer seems to be captivating viewers…..GoT & HoC that is where the money is

  2. Not surprised, it’s been a bit of a yawn. Coupled with Berry’s over-acting and too much of Spielberg’s trademark schmaltz I haven’t felt compelled to stick with it. Even less likely now that it clashes with Borgen.

  3. I was attracted to this show because I read Steven Spielberg was involved somehow. Enjoyed the first 2 eps but it’s become quite boring waiting for something to happen. Disappointing.

  4. @David Knox – Extant is still on Wednesday in the US they just moved it from 9pm to 10pm, plus CBS will be showing the finale a week earlier with a double episode in the US on Sept 17th. CBS are bumping it to air a 90-minute season premiere of “Survivor” and a super-sized season finale of Big Brother.

    Cannot blame TEN for moving the night when it looks like this 13 part run will be Extant’s only one, as it has bombed over there, even with Criminal Minds as it’s lead now.

    Though from I can gather this current Extant storyline will have an ending as it is self-contained. Something to do with a direct to TV order (ie no Pilot ordered to show Execs), so the 13 eps are locked in as a storyline with an ending because it was a see how it goes and decide at a later date.

  5. Nice one Ch10, now that I am overseas and have my PVR set you go and change the timeslot and day on your audience. And they wonder why their vanishing audience use other sources to obtain content….

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