Airdate: The Dreamhouse

2014-07-31_1600Next week ABC premieres The Dreamhouse, a new documentary series that centres around three young adults with intellectual disabilities who move into a new home for 10 weeks.

This is a 6 part series from Artemis International.

Experiencing life away from parents and learning to live more independently is a dream for all of them. And if it works out, they’ll be able to stay on and call The Dreamhome.

Justin, 32, has Down Syndrome. He is a self confessed ‘chick magnet’, and is quick to assert his role as the house alpha male. “I’m not a Mummy’s boy anymore.”

Kirk, diagnosed with autism aged four, is 21, and has a big heart and a loud voice. One of his challenges is getting set in his routines. But soon after moving in and facing the biggest change in his life, he can’t believe his good fortune, “I must be dreaming”.

Sarah, 24, also has Down Syndrome. A practising Christian, she’s dependent on her mother. But surprisingly, Sarah takes no time emerging from her shell and taking charge. “I’m the boss!”

As well as learning how to run a house, the housemates will learn how to live with each other. Kirk’s mum Peta worries that Kirk will be too noisy. Sarah’s mum Julie worries how she’s going to manage without Sarah. And Justin’s mother Margaret is hit by grief as her son finally moves on.

How far will they all come? Packed with humour, irreverence and tenderness, this is a refreshing insight into a dynamic world not seen before on television.

9:30pm Thursday August 7 ABC.

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