Axle Whitehead cast in Shameless (US)

From Australian Idol to Shameless in the US, Axle Whitehead find renewed success.

2014-07-19_0017Another Australian Idol graduate is headed for renewed success with Axle Whitehead cast in the US production of Shameless.

Whitehead was one of the original Top 20 contestants on the first season of Idol before hosting Video Hits, roles on The Secret Life of Us and Home and Away and hosting World’s Strictest Parents (he infamously flashed during the ARIA Awards).

Fairfax reports he has now been cast in the US series of Shameless, as a potential suitor to Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum.)

He is one of three potential suitors who are joining the series; the others are played by actor Dermot Mulroney and Tony Award-winner Steve Kazee.

The series airs in Australia on SoHo.

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