Emmy snubs: where’s The Good Wife please?

Huh? Downton Abbey is in but Good Wife is out?

2014-07-11_1214Amongst the various Emmy snubs this year (there are always a few) it’s hard to figure out the thinking behind snubbing The Good Wife for Best Drama Series -especially when Downton Abbey managed to score a nod.

While The Good Wife‘s fortunes in Australia are inextricably tied to TEN’s programming issues, the series has actually been a knockout. As good -if not better- than the first season.

While Julianna Margulies is rightly up for Best Actress in a Drama Series, the show itself missed out where it should have been recognised: in the Best Drama Series category.

Whilst I get the nods for Game of Thrones, True Detective, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and House of Cards, this year’s Downton wasn’t exactly it’s strongest season. That said, True Detective also elbowed its way into the Drama Series category when it was expected to submit for Miniseries. Maybe it’s to blame…

Another name that had been touted for an overdue nod is Tatiana Maslany for Orphan Black. With her duplicitous roles on the series, it’s hard to find another actress who gets to showcase such range.

Others that might have been worth a nod include Ray Donovan (at least Jon Voight was recognised), James Spader for The Blacklist, The Walking Dead (only the most popular drama in the whole US of A), The Americans, Masters of Sex, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (it won a Golden Globe, but not even a nod as Comedy Series).

At this early stage I would be tipping Matthew McConaughey, Fargo and The Normal Heart to romp it in in their respective categories. The rest is much trickier.

Who else do you think was snubbed?

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast Live and exclusively on FOX8 on Tuesday August 26 from 10.00am.

Emmy Awards 2014: nominations

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  1. For me it has to be Arrow for Stunt Co-ordination. No other show can compare to the stunts on Arrow and it isn’t even nominated?

    The Emmys have proven they are irrelevant. It’s all just BS politics. Generally the same faces year after year. Boring!

    I won’t be watching them.

  2. I was disappointed seeing Downton over The Good Wife – was the first thing I saw. I watch both but TGW was def the better one this season.

    Tatiana Maslany really needs to get a nod – As much as I love Juliana Margulies (and that is alot) I think Tatiana deserves a win ASAP.

  3. I think it was The Good Wife’s title and the original premise, that not too many people jumped on board with the series.

    That’s a shame for them as it is one of the best written, best acted, legal dramas I have seem in a long while.

    Can’t wait for it’s return

  4. @Steve, Shameless actually decided to switch to the Comedy Series category this year so if you say it was strong with drama perhaps that’s why it wasn’t nominated.

    Hannibal is absolutely one of the best shows on tv and one everyone forgets, definitely deserves some recognition particularly Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikelson.
    The Walking Dead and The Good Wife both should be there too. One is the biggest show on tv and one has had it’s best season yet. Think Mad Men was sentimentality as it was not as good, same with Downton.

  5. Dean Norris should’ve got a nomination for Supporting Actor in a Drama ahead of Aaron Paul.
    Hank was a more pivotal character in the final season of Breaking Bad than Jesse.

  6. What about Law and Order SVU. Mariska Hargitay gave a brilliant performance this season and no nomination, also the guy who played William Lewis in the show deserved an nomination for guest actor.
    Sons Of Anarchy is a brilliant show as well. Katey Sagal and her co-stars are all brilliant and they did not get a nomination.
    These people all deserve a nomination.

  7. I do agree Downton wasn’t as strong this year however Joanne Froggatts nomination was well and truly deserved and i hope she wins best supporting actress because it was amazing. The Good Wife was robbed for best drama and should be in Downton’s place but lets face it, this year Breaking Bad will probably clean up the awards. Nothing wrong with it winning best drama but there were better performances from others in all the acting categories.

    Other snubs. James Spader where is he? Tatiana Maslany, Emmy Rossum not to mention Bellamy Young. Scandal isn’t that big here but is huge in America and her performances this year have been stellar. Annet Mahendru was the other big surprise. I thought for sure she would snag a supporting actress nod for her work on The Americans. Maybe they should make the categories bigger. Have 8 nominations instead of 6. Might have a broader range of…

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