House Rules grand final this Sunday

2014-07-01_0112Seven has confirmed the Grand Final for House Rules will air this Sunday.

The two-hour finale will air from 6:30pm followed by Sunday Night at 8:30pm. Last year’s final was also Live to air.

Two teams will go head to head in the Grand Final tonight to battle it out for the ultimate prize of becoming mortgage free. Which team will walk away with the life-changing prize and the House Rules 2014 crown?

Seven is yet to confirm its complete schedule for next week but has Anh Does Brazil locked in for 7:30pm Monday and a Jumbo Jet factual for 8pm Thursday July 10.

The X Factor is expected soon and The Big Adventure is on the way.


  1. once-upon-a-time

    After recent contrived combatant and aggro fueled episodes, endless promos and the grooming of HR viewers, the grand finalists could possibly be ‘Carole & Russell’ – V – ‘Candy & Ryan’

    But not forgetting this is Network 7,who are proven ‘Masters’ of deception (and not as in one ‘major sponsor’ ) between ‘promo’ and the ‘screened episode’.

    Who also cast, (or hopefully only portrayed him as such) a ‘great/natural poser’, as in site foreman ‘Chester ‘ and his ‘overladen tool belt’, that he obviously had to ‘put on’, between the vehicle and his usual very dramatic appearances/entrances ( as in, was it only leaking gas that ‘smelt’ that day? ).

    My only hope is that the HR grand final ‘winning team’ are ‘fair dinkum’ at the very least??.

  2. Looking forward to The Amazing Race Australia – hope Seven gives it a decent timeslot and doesn’t screw it up like last time.

    Bit disappointed Nine is taking so long to launch The Block because it will mean less Big Brother this year.

  3. @guy: actually you are wrong.
    this year’s challenges have been considerably longer (both it locations renovated and length of episodes). Overall the season will for about 3 weeks and 12 episodes longer than last year. The Barnardos house in addition to the unit makeovers extended the viewer fatigue considerably

  4. Can’t wait. Hope Adam and Lisa win. They deserve it so much. Going to be hard not having it on but at least X Factor and The Amazing Race is on the way to fill the void. People saying its gone on too long. Not really. They extended it by a week this year with the Barnados challenge. Jeez. The Block goes longer.

    Any news on when Castle is returning though? All we’ve had is repeats. I want to see the new series.

  5. italianguy1987

    this show lost interest after their own home renovations were complete.

    should have done the renovations, eliminated bottom 3 couples, then did the gardens, eleminated bottom 2 couples and then had a public vote and got the winner.

    dragging it out by renovating stranger’s houses and such is just a ploy for channel 7 to drag it out.

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