TEN defends Totally Wild hire

2014-07-01_0219TEN has defended employing the daughter of one of its execs on kid’s show Totally Wild, after media suggests it’s a bad look while other staff lose jobs.

Nikki Bottger, daughter of TEN’s head of children’s television Cherrie Bottger, has taken a role as an associate producer on the long-runnning show.

News Corp reports Nikki Bottger has been with TEN for about seven months as a social media producer, but her role was to be made redundant.

“There were two staff members in the TEN Brisbane newsroom who had the skills and expertise to move into children’s TV,” a network spokesman told the newspaper.

“The other staff member declined to take up the role that was offered.

“Nikki was the only staff member with the expertise that was required for this role.

“We have an obligation to offer vacant roles in the first instance to people affected by the redundancy program,” the statement says.

As head of Children’s TV at TEN, Cherie Bottger maintains a lower profile than other execs but is well-regarded in the industry.


  1. Why is anyone surprised? This is how TV works.. You get a job if you are the son/daughter, sibling or partner of someone who works there regardless of qualifications.

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