TEN rustles up Gold Coast Cops but already raises eyebrows

2014-07-30_1134Once the setting for Nine’s police drama The Strip, the Gold Coast is now the backdrop for a new observational series for TEN, Gold Coast Cops.

The 10-part series to be produced by Eyeworks Australia (What Really Happens in Bali, Kings Cross ER, Territory Cops, Kalgoorlie Cops, Being Lara Bingle) follows the work of a newly created Rapid Action & Patrols Group, responsible for policing everything from bikie gangs and street violence to drug heists and organised crime.

TEN’s press release, which quotes Superintendent Jim Keogh and Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey, has some media asking if the series is part of a “government PR campaign.”

Queensland Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Jack Dempsey MP, said: “The RAP is part of the government’s strong plan for a brighter and safer future for the Gold Coast community.

“We’ve put more police on the beat, given officers the latest technology and cut the traditional borders of policing to implement this highly skilled and responsive taskforce.

“Crime is down and the Gold Coast is now a safer place for families because of the RAP.”

Superintendent Jim Keogh said: “Officers are committed to restoring public confidence by focusing on public disorder and street violence through high visibility policing.

“Officers will respond to incidents requiring a priority response. Should the matter involve a protracted investigation, specialist units will be utilised as necessary to maximise the mobile and agile focus of the group.”

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Network Ten has a long and rich history of presenting character-based observational documentaries and we are delighted to be adding Gold Coast Cops to that list.

“With unprecedented access to one of the most elite police taskforces in Australia, Gold Coast Cops will give viewers a compelling insight into the RAP and the men and women fighting crime on the Gold Coast.”

Eyeworks Australia Managing Director, John McAvoy, added: “We have been in discussions with the Queensland Police Service to grant us access to film on the Gold Coast for years now, as we were convinced there were compelling stories to tell against this unique and idyllic backdrop.

“Now we are thrilled to be working in partnership with the RAP taskforce to produce Gold Coast Cops. Our crews have been granted full access to the operations of this elite team who are first on the scene when the action happens. The vision we have captured so far is extraordinary.”

No airdate has yet been announced but the series is already filming.


  1. oceanographer

    This isn’t the first police TV show in Australia so why all the criticisms for this show. The Force, Kalgoorlie Cops, Territory Cops, Recruits, Highway Patrol, RBT, AFP all did exactly the same thing this show’s doing. I’d like to see a show from the other side looking at the police from a critical stand point. That would be far more interesting and raise the bar for an observational tv series.

  2. If Recruits is the “best case” scenario and Bingle is the downside, then you have set a very low bar for what constitutes entertainment.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    What Really Happens in Bali, Kings Cross ER, Territory Cops, Kalgoorlie Cops, Being Lara Bingle – that’s an impressive resume. Not.

    @Nathan – hands off, that’s my pitch!

    • I’ve filed before how a number of factuals stray into propaganda territory and are produced in collusion with govt departments. I guess the question in this case is whether the Minister consented to his quotes being used in the Press Release of a television network show. Given he is now saying police force involvement was not his decision it does seem a bit mismatched. Local mayor is also unhappy, but don’t think they have any say. There’s no suggestion of local laws being breached to make the show. Check all those filming permits though!

  4. once-upon-a-time

    Airing will probably be anytime before June 15th 2015, and possibly either side of some Clive Palmer ‘observations’ ( news corp speak for discrediting)

  5. Wondering what shows make up ten’s long and rich history of presenting character-based observational documentaries?

    They did the bingle disgrace and the shire disaster but both were the opposite of rich.

    What other shows make up the history?

    • Bondi Vet (which you could argue is Lifestyle) and Bondi Rescue are longest. Shorter runs for Recruits, Kenny’s World, Teen Fit Camp, Gardening Gurus, Keeping Up with the Joneses, Class of, Outback 8, Don’t Tell the Bride.

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