X Factor: update

2014-07-16_1010After a bit of a thwack on Monday night, Seven has decided not to pit X Factor against The Voice finale next Monday night.

It will now air Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

On Monday Seven will screen the factuals that were originally scheduled for Wednesday.

7:30pm Highway Patrol
8:00pm The Force
8:30pm Movie: The Avengers

Criminal Minds will begin at 9:15pm next Wednesday but remains a double.


  1. Justsaying..

    Glad ch7 have realised X-factor can’t compete with The Voice, The Voice is simply just better regardless. I might watch the X-factor after but I really think they need up ‘in the now’ new judges and I dunno something different.

  2. Its a good decision. Should have happened this week. As for the launch i don’t think it was done wrong they just should have avoided Monday until The Voice ended. Obviously Seven thought that airing it against it it had a chance and rightly so the talent this year is unbelievable but at least they have realised it was the wrong move.

    They could have held it back 2 weeks i suppose but with what i am hearing about the “wildcard” i think they had to launch early.

  3. Seven buggered up the XFactor launch – they should have just waited for The Voice to be done and dusted with rather than trying to compete head to head with it.
    I don’t think it will damage X-Factor in the long term but it shows the complete cocky-ness and arrogance at Seven where they think they can just steamroll everything.

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