“You blogged, they listened.” TEN reschedules 50 Years Young special.

2014-07-22_1734TEN has confirmed a rescheduling for its 50 Years Young special, no longer burying it on a Friday night.

It will now air at 6:30pm Sunday August 3rd.


Earlier this week TV Tonight suggested a Friday night timeslot was underselling TEN’s rich history and Sunday night timeslot was more suited to the occasion. Readers overwhelmingly agreed it should move:

– Almost disrespecful to have this buried away on a Friday night. Definitely should be scheduled for Sunday Aug 3rd at 6.30 pm or Monday Aug 4th at 7.30 pm.

– Considering there is nothing on Sunday nights anymore due to reality and “current affairs” on Seven and Nine, this would be a perfect alternative.

– Sunday 6:30pm would be a much better timeslot than a Friday night. It beats showing repeats of Modern Family on a Sunday night.

– Doesn’t make sense in a schedule full of repeats to remove a new episode of a regular consistent program like the living room for a special.

– Could not agree more, David. That underwhelming schedule lined up for that same week is destined to see them back in fourth place again.

– Good on you for taking the lead on this David. It beggars belief that not only would they almost bury this but that they replace their best-performing show on that night. 

TEN has pulled Bondi Rescue, Bondi Vet and Modern Family from Sunday August 3rd and now added a repeat of The Living Room Clutter Buster Special on August 8th.

6:30pm Sunday August 3rd on TEN.


  1. Job Application, David Knox for the Senior Programmers Position at Network Ten!
    Well done Mr Knox. A good result to stop the show being buried under NRL/AFL

  2. Network Ten definitely must do an Adult only version with all the cutting edge stuff Ten has been known for, such as nudity and adult themes in particular (No.96, Big Bro, Blankety Blanks etc…) When Big Bro left Ten, it became a sanitized, pathetic, overly controlled waste of time.

  3. Wow! Great result.
    Well done us !

    Good to know the powers that be at some telly stations actually do occasionally listen to their viewers.

    As others here have already said, just hope enough people will be tuning in.
    I definitely will.

  4. I didn’t mind it on a Friday, Fridays are basically one of my fav days now with the living room on. Probably rate worse in the Sun 6.30 slot too with stiffer comp.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Hooray! Thanks (again) to David for pulling focus on this and thanks to Ten for eventually seeing sense. Now, do the second part of my suggestion and promote it. I’ve already added it to my calendar.

  6. I shall be watching BBC First! I actually have no interest in this ……… mind you i have very little interest in any commercial station!

  7. Justsaying..

    Ten is I guess slowly changing for the better and improving also with the new shows etc am loving Studio 10! Jess & Sarah are fantastic.

  8. Again, the viewers know show it should be done, not the programmers. Good on TEN for admitting they were wrong in not so many words.

    @killy06: Good point, I too have not seen any advertisements for the original scheduled date either, just some voting commercial telling us to go to tenplay.

  9. I’m surprised we still haven’t seen any ads promoting the actual air-date of this special given it’s not that far away, irrespective of the new air-date although that probably helps with the lack of promotion yet. Nonetheless will make some good Sunday night viewing, good move by TEN.

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