Dear Channel TEN, please reschedule your 50 Years special?

2014-07-20_0030Dear Channel TEN,

I reckon you are under-selling your upcoming 50 Years Young Anniversary special.

Sure, I haven’t seen it, but I would suggest it is deserving of more viewers than the Friday night timeslot you have afforded it.

If Nine and Seven were marking their 50th Anniversary, they would rightly be singing it from the rooftops. So should you.

At the moment your 2 hour special is scheduled for 7:30 Friday August 8th.

But if I look at the rest of the schedule for that same week it’s pretty bloody thin.

Sunday August 3
6pm Bondi Rescue rpt
6:30pm Bondi Vet
7:30pm Modern Family dbl rpt
8:30 Extant

Monday August 4
7:30pm David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities
8:30pm Have You Been Paying Attention?
9:30pm (TBA)

Tuesday August 5
7:30pm Save with Jamie
8:30pm Under the Dome
9:30pm NCIS: Los Angeles rpt

Wednesday August 6
7:30pm The Bachelor
8:45pm Offspring final
9:45pm (TBA)

Thursday August 7
7:30pm The Bachelor
8:30pm Special: Mothers Who Murder
9:30pm Law and Order: SVU rpt

Friday August 8
7:30pm Special: 50 Years Young
9:30pm Movie: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy rpt

With your rich and quirky history of Number 96, Prisoner, E Street, Young Talent Time, The Panel, Big Brother, Australian Idol, Let the Blood Run Free, The Comedy Company, Thank God You’re Here, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Good Morning Australia, Neighbours, Rove Live (I could go on…) -why on earth would you bury it on a Friday night?

Instead we’ll get repeats of Bondi Rescue and Modern Family, or David Attenborough, Jamie Oliver and a special about murdering mums.

Meanwhile the TEN personalities and the TV critics who have been filmed for this nostalgic special will remind us why we have so loved you. Those old clips will light up social media. But on a Friday night?


We really loved those shows! They take us back to our youth.

I vote for 6:30pm Sunday.

Please let us relive them!


  1. Not everyone goes out on Friday night so is good have something on other than football, movies and other repeats.

    I’m guessing TEN would know – that as interested as people are in this special, it will do worse against The Block and X Factor than it would on a night without either.

  2. i am not suprised at all, this is the same network who are deluded enough to believe a game show is going to do well against the 6pm news.

  3. once-upon-a-time

    I’m now having second thoughts, after reading the many comments.and now think there may be a hidden agenda by an embarrassed programming dept., could it be, that after vested interests pressures and to avoid further embarrassment, someone opted to bury it.

    Considering that Rupert has just been in town attending the Abbott and Co. ‘Love-In’, I wonder if he and Gina had any input, regarding the distinct contrast between the heady days of yesteryear, and coinciding management changes and Ten’s rapid decline to near the bottom.

    It will be interesting to compare yesterdays ‘Stars’ with the current and recent crop as in ‘Paul Henry, Joe Hilderbrand and possibly soon to be Sir Andrew Bolt, along with a litany of flops and many ‘kiss of death’ time slot selections and changes.

  4. TasTVcameraman

    I am with nearly everyone Sunday at 6.30 or even Monday in place of HYBPA

    We know who makes these decisions, the programmers.

    Sometimes I really do wonder what goes on the mind of some of these people.

    If they are going to do a 50 year special, why not do it for a whole week, it could not be any worse than repeats of Modern Family

  5. I actually don’t mind that timeslot. Fisrstly it harks back to the good old days when programming wasn’t ruled by dollars. ( some may remember when the Logies were on Friday nights). Secondly it will good to have on, on a night when it’s not having to compete with Reality jugernauts.

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