60 Minutes: Aug 3

60mwEarlier this week Foreign Correspondent filed a story on Scotland’s vote for independence from the UK.

Now 60 Minutes is getting in on the act, courtesy of Scottish-born Charles Woolley.

Green Rush
Marijuana as medicine – especially for children – is something most people have a very firm view about. That is, they’re against it! But this story will likely change your mind; it certainly changed Michael Usher’s. In parts of America, prescription pot is legal and, many believe, saving lives. Politicians, doctors and patients are also shifting their thinking and there’s now a green rush to legalise cannabis for medicine nationwide. Here, it is a crime, forcing Australian families to break the law to help their children. But they don’t have to do that in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado where Michael has been to investigate how the medical marijuana business works in practice – and to meet the little girl who’s helped change the laws across America.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producers: Phil Goyen, Grace Tobin

Giants of the Deep
They’re the biggest fish in the ocean – making them one of the biggest targets for fishermen around the world. The whale shark is massive, magnificent and on the brink of extinction. But in a tiny corner of the Philippines, man and shark have come to a unique compromise. Fishermen, who used to hunt this marine giant, now protect it – reaping a financial bonanza from tourists. And everything had been going swimmingly, until a group of Western environmentalists turned up.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Gareth Harvey

Scotland the Free
Charles Wooley admits this story is personal. You see, it’s the story of his birthplace – Scotland – and the historic decision it must make in September. Scots will vote on whether to remain part of Great Britain or to ‘go it alone’: to finally be free from the “Sasinacks”, the English, who have lorded over them for centuries. There will be many whose knowledge of Scottish history extends only as far as Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart. But for Charles, the argument over Scottish independence has been life-long and one that has his own family divided.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Nick Greenaway

9.10pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. SNP Oceania Melbourne

    Charles I agree Scotland can, should and must be an independent country. Scotland has the resources and well educated, talented citizens. The people who live in Scotland are best placed to decide how the country should be governed. Scotland must be free to determine the future desired by and for its people.

  2. Lordy. I hope Charles Wooley (or anyone else who can spell) finds the media release person at Nein and throttles them.

    It’s Sassenach.


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