Julie Ward departing Shine Australia

The Voice loses another key executive as Julie Ward departs Shine Australia after 4 years.

julie wardShine’s go-to Executive Producer Julie Ward is parting ways with the production company.

Ward has overseen some of Shine’s biggest live productions including The Voice, The Voice: Kids and So You Think You Can Dance. Her previous credits include Rove Live, Australian Idol, It Takes Two, ARIA Awards .

She was appointed Director of Entertainment in 2010.

“She leaves on the best of terms, we adore her and ­respect her decision,” Shine Australia’s Mark Fennessy told News Corp. “It’s been an incredibly arduous 12-18 months for her … you never have much time to stop. This is about her wanting an extended break and, of course, prioritising time with her family.”

It’s the second key personnel change for The Voice with Nine’s Director of Development and Digital Adrian Swift headed to the ABC as Head of Content and Creative Development.

Julie Ward recently spoke to TV Tonight about The Voice: Kids, saying:

“On reflection I’m really proud of what we and the team have done to work with the families and the kids to give them the respect that we’ve taken from the adult show.

“We’ve really kept in mind that this is a life experience for them, not just a TV show.”

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