Matt White to host revived RPM

Matt White is getting back behind the wheel for TEN's V8s Supercars coverage.

2014-04-17_2329mHe left Seven just before they signed on as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games network, but it’s not all bad news for Matt White who fronts TEN’s V8 Supercars coverage.

TEN announced White would front its V8 coverage when it poached him in April.

Today News Corp reports White will host the revived RPM in 2015, and has committed to 40 weeks of motor sports on Sundays next year.

“It is a great association and it is a comfortable fit for me and what I like doing,” he said. “The sport side of me has always been there, both personally and professionally, so I’ve been really lucky.

“It’s always been the plan for me to keep my hand in whatever is going on at the time, especially with sport and the V8s.”

White has signed a 4 year contract with TEN.

In April CEO Hamish McLennan said, “We are also developing another show to take advantage of his considerable talents and will announce the details closer to his start date.”

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  1. @William – I believe that I am fully aware of what the deal entails. The seventh event that you mention is the Australian Grand Prix. I did not include this in my numbers because it is a separate event and not currently part of the championship.

    There has been talk of bringing it in to the championship now that it’s all on Ten again but there are complications with regard to rights and branding as there always are with F1.

    You’ll also note that I specifically mentioned “…broadcast live on FTA” and therefore didn’t include non-live races or what will be broadcast on Foxtel. You may be happy with the vast majority of the races being delayed but I and many others are not.

  2. I imagine RPM will be buried mid Sunday afternoons on Ten, 9 of them likely on when live V8 SuperCars are on Foxtel.
    Ten are billing themselves as the motor racing network. Yep, they’ve got 6 live races of 15, Bathurst, F1 races live in glorious SD full of ads at pivotal points but can show qualifying in HD. And MotoGP. Can’t wait to see what they’re going to fill 39 episodes of RPM with……

  3. Good to see them revive RPM and have Matt White fronting the show, he’s a great talent. I just hope their coverage of the events will be better than that of he Commonwealth Games. I’m all for chat/panel type shows before or after, but not at the expense of live coverage.

    Also very intrigued to find out what this other project they have in store for him, especially if it’s a new show altogether.

  4. @David Knox @Secret Squirrel – obviously you don’t know about the deal as Ten is broadcasting 7 races live out of a possible 16 and each race will be shown on Sundays at 4pm, 8.30pm on Saturday and Sunday on One and 11.30pm on Saturday and Sunday on Ten. There will be more panel shows and promos in primetime as they have both said “that they will give it the absolute treatment”. RPM should he hosted by Matt White, Greg, Daryl and AJ in primetime on Ten on Wednesdays.

  5. While I’m glad that RPM will be returning it’s sad to note that within this “40 weeks of motor sports on Sundays” that White has committed to, only 6 V8 Supercars events out of 15 will be broadcast live on FTA.

  6. i think matt made a mistake moving to ten. bruce mcaveney and that whole generation are nearing retirement age and 7’s sports portfolio has expanded considerably in recent years. for a sports reporter/personality, that is where all the opportunity is. He always seemed highly regarded at 7, with the quantity of gigs he got. why would he throw all of that away?

  7. Hosting today tonight ruined his brand at seven. If he wanted to get back into sport he had to get out of seven. And will done to him. Good move and I hope ten keep him busy.

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