New-look 10 News First

10 unveils a smashing new set, to be replicated around the country.

The reason behind Studio 10 broadcasting from the roof of Pyrmont studios can now be revealed….

10 News First has unveiled a smashing new set constructed last week in the atrium of 10’s Sydney headquarters,.

The new set will be home to 10 News First, Studio 10 and Sports Tonight and used by The Loop, RPM and 10 Daily.

The set stretching 36m features a 9m x 2.4m screen with a 1.5mm pixel pitch, the largest of its kind in the country. It will also be replicated in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Network 10’s director of news content Ross Dagan said: “Delivering first-class news, information and discussion to audiences when and how they want it continues to be our most important focus. Our new set gives us the tools to do that in far more dynamic and contemporary ways.

“We have some of the best journalists, presenters and graphic designers here at 10. Now, coupled with our new news set, we can connect and engage with audiences more directly than ever before. From sitting behind a desk, to a couch discussion, to a panel setting to a stand-up introduction, the new set is flexible. We are able to instantly transform program segments and can deliver news and information in any scenario easily, depending on the need and topic.

“With the biggest news LED screen of this resolution, we’re also able to present higher-impact visuals and graphics to better tell the stories audiences care about.”

The set’s perimeter also includes five visual stripes, including a high-resolution ticker-type screen that can be fed with pictures and graphics to instantly change the theme or pass on breaking news information.The new news set follows the rebrand of 10’s evening news program from Ten Eyewitness News to 10 News First, and the appointment of key journalists into key roles including Kerri-Anne Kennerley as Studio 10 presenter, Peter van Onselen as network political editor, Hugh Riminton as national affairs editor and Chris Bath as weekend news presenter.

The new set was designed in partnership with the 10’s graphics team, led by David Bernstein and The Exposure Group’s Vi Hermens. The software driving the screens is Vizrt’s Multiplay.

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  1. Well I normally watch some of the TEN news nad haven’t noticed any change. That’s how much notice I give to the cosmetic stuff. Like someone has stated, it’s more about the people rather than the set. TEN have already tried new multi channel names and graphics but look how that’s gone. I know I watch TEN news but can’t understand why Sandra Sully is still there and lets not start on Bailey. New set plus new people would be great.

  2. Sorry, in news it’s not just about the set.
    It’s also about the words and the pictures and they way they are all assembled.
    And to do that you need to pay talented people.

  3. A great looking set. I’d like to offer an opinion regarding 10 News First. Have the News and weather for the full hour followed by a half hour of sport and then The Project. This way we can view expanded news stories and poor Tim doesn’t feel rushed to give us the nightly weather report. With all the sports events occurring at any time around the world I wouldn’t mind an expanded sports news coverage instead of the current 5 minute allotment time. 10 has nothing to lose and gives it a point of difference to the other players; namely 9 and 7.

  4. It looks a lot better. Bailey talking to the weather wall which was basically 16 tvs put together was poor when you could see the black lines. It actually looks more professional.
    In Sydney I just wish they could do two things – add more sport instead of cramming it into 5 mins in an hour program. And for Tim Bailey to give more than 10 seconds to show the week long forecast – he is too distracted showing photos instead of actually giving the weather

        1. I’m not sure, but I thought “The Big Breakfast” was on Seven and not Ten. I remember it having news and weather every half-hour, so you could be on the money here. But since it was long ago, I wouldn’t remember.

          1. Yes he did host a cartoon morning show on channel 10 , if I remember correctly it was called cartoon connection ??

        2. @SydneyTV: Yeah Tim Bailey did TEN’s The Big Breakfast from 1992 – 1995.

          @indigohex: Seven did do a show called the Big Breakfast as well in 1999 (no Tim Bailey) but in 2001 it became The Big Arvo after a 6 month hiatus then Luke Jacobz became the host.

          TEN’s: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Breakfast_(Australian_TV_program)
          Seven’s: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Arvo

  5. It makes 7 Adelaide news set look like a 1956 TV set in comparison. Out dated panels joined to make a background, what a laugh. 9 & 10 Adelaide both have fantastic sets. Come on 7 Network pick up your game.

  6. Good! 10 News First is a very good product. Excellent reporters and presenters. Pity about the terrible ratings lately. How about a 24/7 10 News/Talk Channel using all of the outstanding talent from the newsroom, the Project, Studio 10 and other shows e.g The Living Room, Have You Been Paying Attention, Sports Tonight etc Time for a dramatic/revolutionary change of direction!

  7. I was watching Jen Keyte the other night and was thinking how lame the set looked, which is a shame because they have the best newsreaders. This is welcome news, now lets hope they go up against the big boys at 6PM. Stripped reality at 7PM and The Project at 7.30PM.

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