1. The fatigue in Reality is mostly due to their over blown running times here in Aus. When The Voice started going for nearly 3 hours, I just couldn’t take it any more. If they went back to packaging them in neat hourly blocks, it would be better. Remember the old adage, leave them wanting more.

  2. Reality is beginning to wane. It will go the same way as other genres.

    In the mid-2000s, it was all about the big name US dramas, with Lost, Desperate Housewives, CSI, NCIS, House etc dominating the ratings.

    Around 2008, factuals were the craze, with hit shows like Border Security, RSPCA, Customs, Find My Family. Seven in particular were very reliant on them. Eventually the viewers tired of factual overload and ratings began to decline.

    Then Ten launched MCA, and for the past few years it’s been all about big reality tentpoles. However, the decline of reality due to viewer fatigue is inevitable, but the question is what will replace it? Whoever figures it out will weld enormous ratings power.

  3. On a Tuesday night in the middle of Winter, the highest rating show can only pull 1.1million viewers. It says a lot about the standard and originality of programming on offer right now from the FTA networks. We’ve seen it all before and are clearly bored.

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