OzTAM moving towards digital ratings numbers

2014-08-04_1218Ratings provider OzTAM is moving towards numbers of TV viewers on other screens, with the appointment of a Digital Strategy Director, Padraig O’Donovan.

O’Donovan was Head of Digital Technology at TEN where he helped deliver the network’s TENplay digital broadcast platform and led development of its HbbTV TENplay application.

OzTAM has been trialling audience measurement with tablets and smartphones via strategy consultants, IBB Consulting Group.

CEO Doug Peiffer said: “Padraig is highly regarded for his technical expertise and deep understanding of emerging trends in viewing television content on new screens, from the perspective of viewers, advertisers and broadcasters alike.

“His experience with multiple stakeholders, technologies and platforms will significantly bolster our team as we progress OzTAM’s audience measurement diversification program.”

O’Donovan said: “I am passionate about how technology is enhancing the viewer’s experience across all platforms, driving greater audience engagement, and helping broadcasters monetise their digital assets.

“I am looking forward to deploying my client- and user-side experience as OzTAM works to measure and report audiences viewing television on new screens.”

O’Donovan begins next week at OzTAM.


  1. Entire ratings system needs an overhaul. Feedback from people that they have ratings devices taken off them or not given to them if they watch too much ABC TV.

  2. Another correction: The correct spelling is Nielsen. They were a US company and still do the TV ratings in the US. As I recall, the TV stations wanted to do their own ratings because Nielsen did ratings non-stop throughout the year and those ratings were printed in newspapers with a day-by-day breakdown each week. The old Telegraph Mirror published them in Sydney and John Stanley read out the ratings figures each day on his 2UE radio show. They were given as a percentage figure of sets in use. The TV stations wanted the summer and Easter silly season (non-ratings) period back so they created OzTAM so they could manipulate the figures. In the early years of OzTAM they released the ratings figures to the media during summer and Easter and called it “unofficial ratings”. Then they suppressed those ratings altogether.

  3. Correction: In a previous post about ratings I referred to the companies which did ratings before the commercial stations created OzTAM. I referred to McNair Anderson and Newman. The company which did TV ratings during the 1990s was called Neilsen, not Newman.

  4. Oztam is prehistoric. It’s not a legitimate indicator of who watches what.

    The technology is there to get a much bigger survey and they don’t use it because they’re scared of what they might find.

    The Nielson to Oztam handover was just too painful for everyone and nobody wants to go through that again.

  5. Maev....Sydney

    Seems to me they are way behind the times….I am of the non existent demo and still use a PC and watch TV….but most I know use tablets and phones…both young and old…

  6. jezza the first original one

    oh dear….tenplay is crap on any device I use, the adverts overlap the show, ie 2 sound streams etc… I could go on and on, but templay is the worst by far. Iview…superb and also SBS on demand with ads is superb. Ch9 is ok online, never bothered with ch7

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