Chaser team targets Media Circus

The Chaser team is set to tackle media comrades on a panel show with party games.

crreucA new series from the Chaser team will launch on ABC in mid-October.

Media Circus is a mix of media satire and party games, with two teams featuring Chaser boys and young talent they have been mentoring.

It will be hosted by Craig Reucassel, with Chas Licciardello as his sidekick, according to a News Corp story.

Originally set as 10 episodes under the working title of We’ll Have to Leave it There, it’s now set for 8 episodes from October 15, aptly on air during the G20 summit.

Executive producer Julian Morrow said the show will poke more fun at its “media comrades because we have a history of hurting the people we love”.

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  1. That’s one of the many great things about the Chaser “boys,” they’re format restless & are willing to try different things.

    Interesting note about it going from ten to eight episodes. Abbott’s unfair cuts kicking in already?

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