1. barrington bumbaclaart

    Agreed, her performance was better than most seen in aussie productions, it’s a shame hardly anyone saw it. My point was that the episode was nothing new in concept and execution (although well done in it’s own right) and there wasn’t much unique about it.

  2. barrington bumbaclaart

    A two hander has not been done better the “The Fly” episode of Breaking Bad. Bottom did series after series of two handers. Most episodes of In Treatment only used two characters. Admittedly these were on set rather than location, but being on set (or “bottle” eps in the case of “The Fly” & In Treatment) makes the filming, scripting and certainly the edit much trickier and more skillful. As an editor, I’d welcome the vast variety of cutaways a location provides and from a scripting perspective you have the location to write from. Most recently though, episodes of the US Wilfred were often two handers, I believe a few were location based. Like I said, done well but nothing ground breaking.

    • Yes but none are Australian. Not sure who used the words ground-breaking. I said it was unique and bold and “I am hard-pressed to think of anyone else making this kind of television right now, at least in this country.”

  3. barrington bumbaclaart

    David, I watched Please Like Me on your recommendation. While it was indeed well shot, directed and acted, it was nothing ground breaking, at all. I thought the script was a bit under-cooked. Having said that it is one of the better Aussie dramas, however, Josh is a divisive fella and I can see why he only appeals to a very small minority. Which leads me to ask… why exactly does he speak like a special needs Welsh child?

  4. It’s no surprise the Julia Gillard rated higher as a lot of Howard’s interview details had been documented already on the ABC show the Howard Years.

  5. @Matthew See – I think it’s more an issue of relevancy. Howard has been out of power for 7 years now, has released his tell-all book and has been featured in numerous interviews over the years since departing office. Gillard by contrast was PM little over a year ago, was removed from office by her own party and has barely been seen since until the recent Royal Commission has brought her back ito the limelight, so there’s a lot more ambiguity and curiosity surrounding her. It would make sense her interview would attract more interest.

  6. At the end of yesterdays episode of footy classified Gary Lyon said “hopefully we will be back next year.” Is channel 9 possibly going to axe footy classified?

  7. it was boring. CH9 had screened most of the interview in it’s promotions and all day on Tuesday in its various news and ‘current affairs’ programs. A lost opportunity.

  8. It was more a love in than an interview. I think ray was totally biased towards Julia, the questions were too soft and he missed many opportunities to dig deeper. Tracey would have been much tougher and more balanced I think. criticisms of abbot (who i cant stand)went unchallenged and there was little criticism of julias prime ministership which has to rate as one of the poorest ever.

  9. The Julia interview seemed very rushed and ultimately rather pointless. They tried to cram a lot of information into a very short time-slot. The way Ray would ask Julia to ‘stay with us, we’re going to take a break’ was very clunky for such an experienced interviewer given it was pre-recorded and she was clearly not going anywhere.

    This should have been an hour-long 60 Minutes special by Laurie Oakes.

  10. I did not watch either interview but it is rather bemusing that considering that Howard and Gillard were never direct opponents to each other, having been leaders of their parties in separate points in time, Gillard beats Howard with ratings for her interview.
    I know Howard in his interview has been scathing with his assessment on Gillard, it is probably distressing for him that more people watched Gillard than him.

  11. What a waste of time interview. I got the feeling the editing was forced to cut anything that might have been damaging to the current government and Tony Abbott. Perhaps if it was on ABC or SBS it might have been’hard hitting’.

    Was a 30 min advertoriall for her book.

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