House Husbands on high gives the night to Nine

Ratings: House Husbands enjoys its best numbers of the season. Sunrise in the USA scores for Seven.

HH S3 B7D2385 Anna McGahan as Lucy in HOUSE HUSBANDS (Series 3). A Playmaker Production for the Nine Network. Photo Jodie HutchHouse Husbands last night finished its season with its best numbers all year, at 1.08m / 953,000 and took Nine to a strong win for the night. It was well ahead of Seven and TEN was unable to compete.

Amongst the other results for Monday Seven’s Sunrise in the US was 100,000 ahead of Today -and ABC News Breakfast pulled a bigger audience* on ABC News 24 than it did on ABC (*See update).

Meanwhile Chris Uhlmann is not attracting viewers to 7:30 with a decided switch-off happening between 7:30 and 8pm on ABC.

Nine network won with 35.0% share then Seven 27.2%, ABC 18.7%, TEN 15.3% and SBS 3.9%.

The Block (1.35m) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.22m / 1.16m), ACA (1.01m), House Husbands (1.08m / 953,000) and Hot Seat (636,000). Footy Classified was 223,000 in 3 cities (27,000 on GEM).

The X Factor (1.17m) led for Seven then Seven News (1.13m / 1.09m), Home and Away (955,000), The Amazing Race: Aus v NZ (635,000), Million Dollar Minute (600,000). The movie: Paul was 255,000.

ABC News (772,000) was best for ABC then Four Corners (736,000), Australian Story (729,000), Media Watch (667,000) but 7:30 (629,000) trailed. Q&A was 561,000 / 52,000 on two channels.

The Project (691,000 / 499,000) was best on TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 619,000, David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities was 549,000 / 460,000, Have You Been Paying Attention? was 430,000 and an NCIS: LA replay was 217,000.

On SBS ONE it was tough with The Power of the Placebo at 173,000, Countdown to a Catastrophe on 162,000, Legally Brown on 133,000, SBS World News on 125,000 and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on 83,000.

Neighbours whipped up a multichannel tornado at 329,000.

Sunrise: 413,000
Today: 312,000
ABC News Breakfast: 65,000 / 44,000

OzTAM: Overnights: Monday 1 September 2014

*Update: Yesterday’s ABC News Breakfast audience spread across News 24 and ABC1 was impacted by the ABC’s live coverage of the Basketball World Cup on ABC1 until 7:30AEST.

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  1. I watch HH out of sheer desperation of something to watch, very slim pickings these days indeed if you can’t stand reality and talent shows.

    Unfortunately HH is getting worse and worse. It started off promisingly, but the scripts and storylines have deteriorated a lot, leaving the actors looking bad as well.

  2. Love the Neighbours tornado. While I’m no expert on storms it seemed more consistent with a cyclone than a tornado, but hey, it’s Erinsborough, tornado capital of Australia.

    Love the scene of Brennan coming out of Toadies house and seeing this massive dark tornado looming,
    Cut to next scene of him and Paige on the couch casually dismissing it like it’s an everyday occurance and chatting about their own relationship problems…Hilarious.

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