Modest launch for SBS Enemy, TEN’s Bachelor rising.

2014-09-04_0953SBS might want to consider signing up for Twitter TV ratings, given Living with the Enemy‘s debut was a trending topic last night.

It’s OzTAM rating was just 182,000, unable to hold its lead-in of 198,000 for Wild France. More concerning for the broadcaster is SBS World News: what can it do to fix a 6:30pm bulletin rating just 97,000 viewers?

TEN’s The Bachelor was also trending -and at the time of publication still is. At least its popularity was better reflected in the ratings. At 863,000 it pulled the best numbers all season, and appears to be reflecting its 2013 season of surging upwards the more it continues.

But the night belonged to Nine -just- for the fourth time this week.

At a 30.8% share Nine network just pipped Seven on 30.7% then TEN 19.3%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 4.1%.

The Block topped the night for Nine at 1.15m viewers (a second ep in 2 cities was 499,000) then Nine News (1.14m / 1.09m), A Current Affair (992,000), and Hot Seat (632,000). Movie: Magic Mike: 249,000. In three cities The Big Bang Theory was 357,000 / 289,000.

Seven News (1.05m / 1.03m) was best for Seven then The Force (944,000), Border Security (909,000), Home and Away (871,000), Criminal Minds (770,000 / 559,000) and Million Dollar Minute (553,000).

The Bachelor is on the rise at TEN with 863,000 its best audience of the season. The Project was 679,000 / 484,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 618,000 and Wonderland lifted by 35,000 to 536,000. The audience has long abandoned Extant at just 187,000.

ABC News (759,000) topped ABC then 7:30 (592,000), Utopia (566,000), QI (417,000), Reality Check (411,000). A Head First replay was 227,000.

Wild France (198,000) was best for SBS ONE then Living with the Enemy (182,000), Borgen (116,000) and SBS World News on just 97,000.

A Touch of Frost on 7TWO (317,000) pipped Neighbours on 304,000.

Sunrise: 378,000
Today: 276,000
ABC News Breakfast: 70,000 / 45,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 3 September 2014



  1. To those who criticised the way Gregory and I were portrayed, consider that we spent 10 days with David and you only saw a few interchanges with him. The hours and hours and hours of reasoned, rational, calm and collected debate were left on the cutting room floor. SBS can probably be grateful for our vitriol otherwise they might not have got 182,000.

    As to those who found us offensive, you have no idea what it was like being with David. Had you seen the scenes that were not included you might have a different opinion of us.

  2. I watched this last night.
    As a gay man, I actually found the couple more judgemental and offensive than the Christian (and that is really saying something in relation to this topic).
    That said, both sides showed how a lack of compassion, empathy and love for diverse people and opinions only makes the divide in society wider.
    Deeply disappointing!

  3. Living with the Enemy seems good on paper, but last nights ep was really average. The couple were quite crass and failed to effectively defend marriage equality; instead swearing, throwing tantrums, and covering their house in soft porn glamour shots. The biggot priest was a moron but again I didn’t take much from it at all.

  4. What is the point of SBS World News, when we have ABC News 24 (and local bulletins on ABC at midday and 7pm)?

    If the government wants to axe their budget (and I hope not), then SBS World News would be first on the chopping list IMO. If the Feed (SBS 2) need news based footage, they can use ABCs camera roll.

  5. jezza the first original one

    I watched the Bach…just to laugh at them all….I would like it to become more salacious, when is a bit of lust gonna kick in….

    Then Utopia…a bit samey as hollowmen but still quite amusing

    Then the last bit of LiveWithEnemy which was just so lame. Just a load of leftie inspired nonsense. They should have put an imam with the 2 blokes….that would have been compelling viewing

  6. I guess with everything else that is on at 6.30PM on other channels…SBS news is never going to pull great numbers….
    And I do not get The Project figures…do around 200,000 eyeballs really just watch the last half of The Project and if so…shy?!?

  7. @David Sorry, very lazy of me!
    L&N was rating roughly 100k when the axe fell on it in 2012. Seems an absolute no-brainer to me to reinstate it but I would never have axed it to start with……

  8. @smiley mick
    I believe you just read my mind…….
    I’d probably go one step further by attracting a younger demographic by installing a young, attractive female as the maths whiz….
    Feel free to pinch the idea SBS!!

    @David I was seriously going to ask what the 6pm lead in (no idea what it is) is rating compared to what L&N was getting before they flicked it?

  9. “..SBS World News: what can it do to fix a 6:30pm bulletin rating just 97,000 viewers?”

    I reckon a locally produced game show at 6pm would help with a better lead in. It could be a game show that appeals to the intellectual audience that SBS World News would be aiming for. Maybe two contestants per night, with a host who has been around a while and knows what he’s doing. I’d also have a couple of experts, a wordsmith and a maths whiz, who could verify the answers given by the contestants. Lastly, to keep costs down, the prizes wouldn’t be much, maybe just a dictionary for everyone who goes on the show.

  10. “..SBS World News: what can it do to fix a 6:30pm bulletin rating just 97,000 viewers?”

    For me, get rid of Goncalves. Cannot bear his clumsy, affected delivery. I always give up before I throw something at him.

  11. Nine beat Seven by 1.6%.

    It is A Touch of Frost on 72 that made it close. A couple of months ago 72 tried Frost on Thursday nights and bumped it after a couple of weeks because it wasn’t rating. Now putting it on against Wonderland and The Block (in Syd) and it delivers 317k topping the secondary channels.

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