Narrow timeslot win by Big Brother

Ratings: Big Brother just won its timeslot over Criminal Minds, with both well ahead of Wonderland.

2014-09-11_1018Big Brother narrowly won its timeslot last night at 777,000 ahead of Criminal Minds on 762,000, a drop of 290,000 since its Monday launch. Presumably it will take a while for viewers to get to know the various individuals in the game, and last night the show helped give some backstory to each contestant with a “headline of their lives” conversation, in which the topics ranged from health challenges, to coming out and level of intelligence. The show was still second in the Demos.

Both shows were well ahead of TEN’s Wonderland, still outside the Top 20 and now under 500,000 at 478,000.

Nine Network  just won the night with a 31.2% share then Seven 30.1%, TEN 18.6%, ABC 15.6% and SBS 4.5%.

The Block again topped the night at 1.25m for Nine then Nine News (1.09m / 1.08m), A Current Affair (961,000), Big Brother (777,000) and Hot Seat (606,000). Two and a Half Men was 313,000 / 220,000.

Seven News led for Seven at 1.09m / 995,000 then Border Security (850,000), The Force (841,000), Home and Away (822,000), Criminal Minds (762,000 / 496,000) and Million Dollar Minute (532,000).

The Bachelor was 741,000 for TEN. The Project lifted to 725,000 / 567,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 598,000, Wonderland was 478,000 and Extant was 178,000 (oddly coded as Extant Late despite ad buyers asking for coding consistency from networks).

ABC News (767,000), 7:30 (670,000) and Utopia (614,000) were best for ABC. In a twist a 6:30 repeat of QI (553,000) outranked an 8pm repeat of QI (396,000). Reality Check was 407,000 and a repeat of Head First was 248,000.

On SBS ONE Wild Britain (232,000) led Living With the Enemy (181,000), SBS World News (129,000) and Borgen (126,000).

Neighbours remained best on multichannels at 291,000.

Sunrise: 391,000
Today: 326,000
ABC News Breakfast: 64,000 / 64,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 10 September 2014

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  1. I admit it I like Wonderland, the first season did not grab me, but as Randwick says there is so much reality…..sorry contrived reality that drama does not rate. Only people like us who cannot stand reality will watch drama, and I say with all new TV’s being capable of being connected to the internet how hard would it be to get ratings from every TV that is on the web. Will not happen because it might show how many people are not watching TV.

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