Nine clinches Sunday, while TEN is bruised by weekend numbers.

Ratings: The Block ensures a Sunday win to Nine, but TEN's primary channel fails to score above 400,000 on Saturday or Sunday.

ashby60 Minutes has landed itself several media headlines today following its lengthy interview with ex-Peter Slipper staffer James Ashby. He told Liz Hayes details of his sexual harassment claims had been revealed to two Liberal MPs.

In the end the interview attracted 1.120m viewers, just 1,000 less than Sunday Night‘s 1.121m, despite the earlier timeslot. But Nine still clinched the night due to big numbers for The Block.

For TEN the weekend was bad news. On both Saturday and Sunday its primary channel failed to register a single title above 400,000.

Nine network won with 31.4% then Seven 30.7%, ABC 16.8%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 4.9%.

The Block (1.62m) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.32m), 60 Minutes (1.12m) but the movie The Dark Knight Rises didn’t rise very high at 374,000.

Seven News (1.35m) was best for Seven then The X Factor (1.18m) and Sunday Night (1.12m). Castle was 667,000 / 363,000.

ABC News (809,000) topped ABC followed by ANZAC Girls (763,000), Doctor Who (681,000 / 106,000), The Bletchley Circle (490,000) and Compass (438,000). A replay of Utopia was 142,000.

TEN’s primary channel had an unacceptable performance for Sunday: Modern Family (392,000 / 334,000),  TEN Eyewitness News (385,000), Formula One was 382,000 in 3 cities (another 100,000 viewed on ONE in 2 cities), movie: Thor (382,000) and Bondi Rescue (257,000).

On SBS ONE it was Easter Island Underworld (250,000), SBS World News (175,000), The Journey of Mankind with Eddie Izzard (163,000), James May at the Edge of Space (147,000) and Becoming the Beatles (114,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country topped multichannels at 244,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 7 September 2014

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  1. Tens weekends would have been much more healthy if Murdoch had not made the decision to pull out of afl rights with seven. Ten has nobody else to blame but Murdoch for there current position.

  2. I was watching the repeat (encore?) of Have You Been Paying Attention on Saturday and thoroughly enjoying it, when, during an ad break, I was confronted by the sight of a Bolt Report teaser in which Bolt made some inflammatory comments about the Greens.
    I switched channels immediately.

    If Ten persist in giving this offensive right-wing hack air time then not even the continued presence of Michala Banas will have me watching their channels.
    If the 6.30 screening of Compass on the ABC beats everything broadcast on Ten that night, then it does rather look as though I’m not alone.

  3. Not surprised about channel 10 numbers they have let it slip big time after MC and offspring … Only themselves to blame bad programming and they won’t change changes even when they know what programmes aren’t popular …

    On another note the block is growing each week … I for one am enjoying it this year… Didn’t watch the one earlier in the year. Glad to see nine not screening repeated shows of TBBT … Since they stopped doing this their ratings have started to improve!

  4. @Mr_AJ – if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it’s because all of the tropes of SF are thoroughly familiar and it no longer seems fantastical now that most of us carry around a device which allows us to look up anything, watch TV, record and upload video, and get directions and scout for parking options using StreetView (it even makes phone calls!).

    People no longer have to be passive with SF. There are a number of superb cinematic games for XBox360 and/or PS4 which allow people to immerse themselves in the experience and influence the story.

    Plus, most SF TV shows are crap for the same reasons that most westerns of the ’60s and ’70s were crap – lazy, uninformed writing and dodgy dialogue along with mediocre performances.

    And I wouldn’t call Doctor Who SF any more. It’s more of a pantomime.

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