Sunrise road trip tops breakfast ratings

2014-09-05_0931Sunrise’s road trip of the US has been giving the Seven brekkie show its best week all year, with numbers topping the 400,000 mark.

Yesterday it scored 413,000 viewers, trouncing Today‘s 260,000 and ABC News Breakfast on 70,000 / 45,000.

Next week it will be game on when Nine takes to the US for the tour it announced before Seven’s. Can it match the same numbers.

Meanwhile over in primetimeNine network won its fifth night of the week with a 33.9% share then Seven 26.2%, TEN 18.2%, ABC 16.2% and SBS 5.6%.

Nine News (1.08m / 1.03m) topped the night for Nine then The Footy Show (761,000), Thursday Night NRL (760,000 in 3 cities), The Block (650,000 in 3 cities), and Hot Seat (558,000).

Seven News was 965,000 / 901,000 for Seven then Home and Away (819,000), World’s Oddest Animal Couples (692,000) and Million Dollar Minute (588,000). Movie: Just Like Heaven was 267,000.

The Bachelor scored 750,000 for TEN and topped two Demos. The Project was 643,000 / 491,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 578,000 and SVU was 428,000 / 366,000.

ABC News (735,000) led ABC then 7:30 (676,000), Silk (652,000), Catalyst (617,000), QI (411,000) and The Dreamhouse (330,000).

On SBS ONE it was all about foodie shows Destination Flavour Down Under (308,000), Shane Delia’s Spice Journey (303,000) and Heston’s Great British Food (302,000).  Masters of Sex was 124,000 and SBS World News was 111,000.

Neighbours led multichannels on 289,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 4 September 2014


  1. Uncredited News Corp article gets stuck into Sunrise for pre-recorded segments. Pretty harsh calling Human Nature a 1990s boyband. They haven’t stopped working, they are resident in Las Vegas. Headline saying viewers are unimpressed doesn’t fit with the ratings.

  2. I’m dying (pun intended) to know how Die On Your Feet is doing on ONE.

    It’s the best comedy on TV at the moment. You need to do a proper review of this show. I’m convinced it will earn its place in the annals of great Australian TV comedy.

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