ABC News 24 hit by cyber attack

2014-10-08_0116ABC News 24 was off-air yesterday morning following an email ‘cyber-attack.’

The ABC said an “IT security issue” affected ABC News 24 programming for half an hour on Tuesday morning.

“There was an IT security issue this morning which affected some of the ABC’s broadcasting systems and created technical difficulties for ABC News 24,” it said in a statement.

“As a result, we broadcast stand-by programming from 9:30am before resuming live news broadcasts from Melbourne at 10:00am.

“We are now operating normally.”

The crypto-ransomware attack, which reportedly originated in Russia, had also targeted Australia Post computers by using fake emails containing a link which downloads malicious software.

Australia Post has warned its customers about fake emails which advise that a “courier” has been unable to deliver a parcel to their address. The email then requests the customer to open attachments which provide information about their package and asks them to go to their local post office to collect the package.

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  1. Our IT section also advised we got hit by same issue today.
    A strong recommendation to everyone .. do not click on any links in any emails that you are not 100% sure you know who they are from.
    (I used to be former high-level IT manager.)

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