It’s the axed drama series people keep telling me about

It ended in 2012, but which show do people constantly tell me they are only now bingeing?

2014-10-17_1229It’s Damages.

First on air in 2007 and departing in 2012, it’s the show people keep telling me they have only just discovered, but now they are hooked.

And who can blame them?

Glenn Close and Rose Byrne as fierce femmes going toe to toe, a malevolent thriller with twists and turns -and bends in time- Damages has it all.

Aside from a few flip phones (!) it also doesn’t date too much. But if you’re going to get on board make sure you do it from the first season. The set-up to the relationship between the two leads is crucial stuff, plus the early seasons were definitely stronger than later seasons (5 star review for S2).

The next series by Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman is yet to be revealed, but if it’s anything like this one then bring it on.

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  1. David, I’ve finally finished Season 1 of Nashville and whilst it’s no Friday Night Lights I really liked it. It holds up pretty well for a network series that spins out 21/22 eps. That said I would watch Connie in anything. While I wait for S2 (Feb 4 I think) I will start House of Cards and then Damages. Happy New Year.

  2. I bought the complete series of Damages on DVD last year for my mother. We’d both watched the first series on FTA before it got dumped. Agree that the first 2 seasons were strongest, but the acting across the whole series is terrific.

    If you like Damages you should check out Murder One, another underrated law series from ’95-97. It’s available as a boxset.


  3. It’s very melodramatic — full of lots of twists, back-stabbing, showing off and confusion to cover the lack of a coherent plot.

    I watched all of S1 but stopped during S2. There only so many times you can watch corporate lawyers betray each other, frame each other for murder and try to kill each other before suspension of disbelief collapses.

  4. Thanks David, Have just started watching Nashville because I’m infatuated with Connie Britten but will buy Damages next. Series on DVD are quickly becoming my favourite way to watch TV.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, David. This is one of a few series that I just haven’t got around to watching even tho’ I’m sure it’ll be very good.

    @Sacs, you have excellent taste!

  6. Season 3 with Martin Short and the mystery of who murdered Tate Donovan’s character was my favorite.

    Did not enjoy season 4 but season 5 with Ryan Philippe was rather good. Found season 2 a bit of a chore to get through

  7. It was okay. I watched Season 1. The amount of time everyone says ‘Patty Hughes’ and ‘Arthur Frobeshire’ every 90 seconds really irritated me – lawyers are not celebrities.

  8. Damages is certainly in my top ten series of the last 20 years.

    I can highly recommend it if you enjoy well written, intellient series like of The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Shield, True Detective, Mad Men, House of Cards, Boardwalk Empire & Fargo.

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