Lateline “guaranteed” until end of January (sort of…)

2014-10-02_1236Lateline will be with us at least until the the end of January.

That’s according to an ABC website that is offering a set visit with Emma Alberici (yes, you read correctly) as part of the ABC Mental As… week auction.

The ‘behind the scenes’ tour includes the Sydney studio and control room (that should take all of 5 minutes, but at least it’s for a worthy cause).

The page indicates: “Date and time depending on availability of set and tour guide. Tour must be taken by January 30 2015.” Not sure what happens in February.

The ABC show has reportedly been spared from the axe, but may yet be subject to changes under ABC funding cuts.

The starting price for the Lateline set visit is a cheap and cheerful $50.

No bids yet from Malcolm Turnbull.

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