Mark Holden: “I’m feeling ashamed.”

holdencMark Holden has apologised for his car-crash behaviour on Dancing with the Stars

“I just feel like I need to apologise. I hope the kiddies weren’t up,” he told MIX 101.1’s Chrissie & Jane today.

“Sadly I was possessed by the clown.

“I was entirely in character. It inhabited me and then the clown just erupted and I couldn’t control it,” he said.

“It was supposed to be an homage to my childhood clown, Bobo on the Channel Niners in the 1960s in Adelaide.

“It went terribly wrong and this morning I feel a bit like Jekyll and Hyde. I’m feeling ashamed.”

Social media lit up following Holden’s performance questioning whether he was drunk.

“I wasn’t on the turps, no. That was sober Holden,” he said.

Asked about bending over and ‘farting’ he said, “That was regrettable.”

He also acknowledged confusing judge Adam Garcia with “Andy Garcia’ from The Godfather.

But Holden also warned that he would still have to fulfill a promise to dance shirtless in “the full Vlad”, a reference to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

You have been warned.


  1. This is what happens when you recruit has-beens who do their best to attention seek in the hope of getting some publicity. Where exactly are the ‘stars’ on Dancing With The Stars? Three quarters of the contestants I’ve never seen before. Being a celebrity’s relative or a sportsperson’s spouse doesn’t make you a ‘star’.

  2. Have you seen the judges? And you think Mark’s a freak? Thanks, Mark, for supplying five minutes of entertainment in an otherwise bland show.

  3. daveinprogress

    Well, i;m feeling conflicted! I like Mark Holden; although that was a very bizarre piece of panto gone wrong. I was surprised at how fast it went from bad to worse. I guess the host handled it as well as can be asked off him; i think the judges should have played the joke too, as they came off looking humourless. I think Mark is deeply embarrassed by his poor dancing especially as the others are all doing so much better. He bit off more than he could chew and I think it was a suicide mission. Sad really he has had such a successful career as an actor, singer, producer, judge, writer and barrister – it would be a shame for this to be how he is remembered. His choices though, his responsibility ultimately.

  4. I just think he needs to show some respect for Jess. I mean its her profession and he isnt taking her seriously. Its like if he was teaching her to sing and she carried on like an idiot.

  5. It was disrespectful to the judges and I cringed watching him make a fool out of himself. He’s a poor loser and I suspect he will get all 1’s next week regardless. I suspect he may have some bipolar issues especially if he admits to feeling like Jekyll and Hyde

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