Media Circus tops ABC but Seven wins Wednesday

Ratings: Another night under the magic million but ABC will be encouraged by the first numbers for Media Circus.

medciThe Chaser’s newest offering Media Circus has arrived with a strong debut, winning its timeslot with 817,000 viewers.

The show was an informal but somewhat uneven look at news events asking its 6 participants whether extreme quotes on the evils of terrorism had been uttered by the PM or Hollywood movie characters. ABC will be buoyed by the results which outranked all their other shows and aided those that followed.

However Wednesday proved to be another night where nobody could crack the magic million suggesting viewers are not especially enticed by what’s on offer.

Seven Network won the night with 31.9% then Nine 27.%, ABC 19.2%, TEN 17.0% and SBS 4.9%.

Seven News (984,000 / 947,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (889,000), The Force (811,000), Criminal Minds (757,000 / 571,000) and Million Dollar Minute (495,000).

Nine News (988,000 / 947,000) topped Nine’s night then ACA (921,000) and the network did very well with a 5 year old series of David Attenborough: Life (855,000). Big Brother dropped again, down to 560,000, while Hot Seat was 529,000. The numbers indicate Nine made the right call not to move BB to an earlier timeslot given the show’s current following.

Following Media Circus (817,000) for ABC were ABC News (772,000), Mad as Hell (729,000), 7:30 (684,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (603,000), Would I Lie to You? (407,000) and QI (395,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (577,000) was best for TEN. The Project was 552,000 / 440,000, Wonderland was 458,000 but The Millers at 372,000 / 321,000 ranked lower than The Bold & The Beautiful (382,000). The Good Wife was overlooked at just 239,000.

I Bought My Own Rainforest (214,000) topped SBS ONE followed by Wildest Islands (177,000), SBS World News (113,000) and Salamander (81,000).

A Touch of Frost on 7TWO ruled multichannels on 326,000.

Sunrise: 390,000
Today: 320,000
ABC News Breakfast: 90,000 / 43,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 15 October 2014

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  1. Massive Chaser fan but Media Circus was hard to watch, not quite the Andrew Hansen public speaking show hard to watch but still hard to watch. It was like they were trying to cram too much in but then take there time viewing it. Hopefully they tweak it a bit and improve next week. As long as they don’t have Josh Thomas on the panel I will keep watching.

  2. As has been pointed many times, I was expecting to get a laugh from watching Media Circus, but was very disappointed in what I saw. I gave up some time ago with the Chaser boys, there jokes and ideas don’t seem to have evolved, it’s just the same old stuff with each new show, bar a few tweaks. And yes agree, the editing was terrible. I won’t be watching next week.

  3. As a BB fan, I’m also pretty upset with what they’ve done with the format this season. They keep mucking about with it, there are plenty of great storylines that they’re editing down to nothing so they can show footage some dumb stunt, or Sonia woodenly delivering a prank or a joke.


    Also – I iviewed Media Circus this morning and I agree that it was a little all over the place. But i think they’ll settle into which segments work etc pretty quickly.

  4. Yeah I was also somewhat underwhelmed by Media Circus and agree that the editing was pretty loose and haphazard if not actually shambolic. Hopefully it will tighten up and find its feet but I think that the premise is a bit lame anyway so I may not stick with it.

    They tried to mix it up a bit so it wasn’t exactly like Have You Been Paying Attention but whether they were sitting on their “couches”, under the Mastermind spotlight, or pressing a red button, it was always just someone answering a question.

    I’d rather have another half-hour of Mad as Hell so, I guess, Giant Baby beats Giant Dwarf (now there’s an image).

  5. Agree with the comments here about Media Circus.
    Think a lot of people tuned in, expecting a good laugh and some trademark Chaser Boy controversy but they were sadly lacking.

    Disappointing – didn’t seem to quite work and many of the jokes fell flat.
    Ellen Fanning looked decidedly uncomfortable …”WTF am I doing here?” etched all over her face.
    Hopefully will improve next week.

    Reaaly enjoyed Dave Hughes on Home Delivery.
    Never really liked him before but he came across as a thoroughly humble, decent, down to earth guy.

  6. Dare I say it, Media Circus was a bit of a circus. Loose to the point of being shambolic. The funniest segments were the recorded link pieces. I don’t think nearly that many people will be back next week. “Good News Week” or “Have I Got News For You” anyone?

    Meanwhile, Mad As Hell continues to be hilarious. Someone give Micallef another show.

  7. I am a Big Brother tragic…But Ch9 have really destroyed it this year.

    1. Cast/Housemates: This year there is a genuine lack of interesting people. There are too many people who want to “make peace” and “chill” rather than discuss interesting topics and have interesting conflicting story lines. Every year people complain about the housemates, but when you look at the last few years and think of the stand outs like Ben, other Ben, Layla, Tim, Ed, Tayhan to name a few they are geniunely interesting. I cant name 1 person in the current house that is remotely interesting. I dont even know who I want to win???

    2. Timing- The late timing destroys it again. Having to wait up till 10,30 to the end is really late and doesn’t suit this type of show. Especially considering the demos that support this show.

    3. Lack of Content- This show needs more content, not less. People who…

  8. I think the problem with Big Brother is that it’s too late to give it the 7:30 slot, but that doesn’t mean Nine shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Reality TV is the sort of thing that you generally need to watch on the night, especially when it’s stripped as BB is. The occasional times that we’ve been too tired to do this, we get spoilers in the news the next day. If we knew it was going to be late every night, we might have given this season a miss. My poor husband who has to be up at 5 am for work has bleary eyes; if he wasn’t already invested he would have given up. I suspect that there are plenty of people who’ve done just that due to the time slot, and moving it to 7:30 occasionally now doesn’t help because those folks have already switched off.

    The other problem with the late time slot is that it leaves no time for the shows that used to complement BB nicely,…

  9. The Millers was hardly strong on Sundays earlier in the year, but may have done OK paired with new Modern Family. But giving it it’s on slot was moronic. Looks like it will join Rules of Engagement, New Girl & Raising Hope over on 11.

    And ouch for Good Wife.

  10. I think the Chaser boys brought in the work experience kid to edit the show last night. The sudden jumps were woeful! The first game only “Team Australia” chose a topic and jumped straight into the next “game”. Given how edited it was and yet Craig’s “Because Waleed is a Muslim he must be on team Evil” slipped through the cracks is mind boggling. Here’s hoping the kinks get ironed out over the next few weeks.

  11. I did wonder at the legalities of Ch9 claiming Life was new? At least new to 9 would have been accurate. Can the ACCC follow up false advertising? I bet the Communications body will not do anything!
    Can the network clarify that “soon” means the next two weeks.
    Can they stop advertising shows 6 months in advance?

  12. The Millers should have gone after last weeks disastrous numbers. Won’t be on next Wednesday on last nights numbers.

    Seven is doing the right thing burning off The Goldbergs at 10.30 Mondays – The MIllers needs the same treatment – a 10.30 slot on Ten or earlier on Eleven.

    Inane US sitcoms do not work in Australia with the marked exception of Big Bang Theory.

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