Update: The Big Adventure

2014-10-20_1342As expected, Seven’s new Reality series The Big Adventure will replace timeslots owned by The X Factor, meaning it will air twice a week from next week.

It screens at 6:30pm Sunday and 7:30pm Monday, both at a very chunky 90 minutes.

There is also a replay of the first episode tonight at 10:45pm following The Blacklist.

Seven sent out a Press Release today talking up its premiere figures as a timeslot win, but neglected to note it aired on two channels, Seven and 7mate (by comparison, TEN’s releases indicate Family Feud is on 3 x channels).

Simulcasts could become the new norm for launching shows given all three commercial networks have now done so this year, though it appears to have been just for the premiere in the case of The Big Adventure.

What is yet to be determined is whether Seven’s strategy of creating an air of mystery about the new show has driven curiosity or whether it would have been better to reveal more of the content in its marketing.


  1. Didn’t mind it at first but couldn’t help thinking how much better Survivor and Amazing Race (US) are and ultimately tuned out well before the end (and didn’t even know there was an elimination until I read here about it here!).

    One hour, once a week is a big plus with Survivor and Amazing Race.

    Twice a week for TBA (gotto love that abbreviation!) means a no for me as well.

    Come to think of it, the Monday night replay actually showed in the EPG as TBA initially before sometime on Monday changing to The Big Adventure.

  2. How do Australian networks expect their shows to be shown around the world when they can’t edit down to a 1hr show (with commercials). This is why the US versions of shows are so popular because they can fit into schedules around the world because even if they are live like American Idol they won’t run over time.
    Won’t be watching TBA after what Seven did to TAR AU this year.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    So it was exactly what we thought it would be – a whole lot of nothing drawn out and padded with more nothing? I’m glad that I didn’t waste even 1 minute of my time on it. I think it’ll rate under 600k this time next week.

  4. I know I am opening a can of worms here but how come TBA can have a schoolyard pick elimination but BB can’t????

    I can understand the arguments against doing so on BB but how come those “Won’t someone think of the children” people arn’t going crazy about this show’s elimination.

    • A few thoughts: BB was Live, with someone’s personality being criticised minutes before going on stage. It was not a case of everybody participating in a schoolyard pick it was a case of everybody being asked ‘which of these 2 do you like more?’ TBA was pre-recorded, with everybody selected for a team except 1, eliminated largely for their competitive edge (instead of being disliked). There was also no live audience final minutes later.

  5. Was thinking of giving it another chance to see whether it improved but I won’t bother now with it airing multiple nights. I’m sure 7 will eventually discover this concept of airing a reality show once a week and edited down to a tight 40min show without the pointless excess bloating…

  6. How has Seven developed such a tin ear for doing these more action-oriented shows???

    David, your preview comment about forgetting to ‘show, don’t tell’ turned out to have been a huge understatement! I couldn’t even get through half the episode before I wanted to throw something at the TV 🙁

  7. So they can simulcast a crappy reality show yet we still got the AFL Grand Final in crappy HD. Way to go Seven! *applause*. This show was boring. Nothing happened. I tried to watch but i didn’t make it to the end. Switched off at 7:30pm and watched the Doctor instead.

  8. The eliminations are unnecessary in my opinion. There is no reason why all 12 contestants couldn’t stay on the show for the entire season given the format of the game and plus it was completely unfair the way Paul was eliminated last night. Without the eliminations the show would only run for 60-70mins as well.

  9. PVR’d episode one to watch tonight. Now I know it will be twice a week at 90 mins per episode, I’m not going to bother watching it, too much for too long. This is why TAR US works, sharp editing, once per week at 1hr.

  10. I think the air of mystery worked… in the short-term. I like the Sunday at 6:30pm timeslot too. I don’t like it being also on Mondays at 7:30.

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