Upfronts on the way

2014-10-17_0057As the end of the year draws closer, networks are getting ready to reveal their 2015 highlights at the annual ‘Upfronts’ to media and advertisers.

Despite the highly-Americanised term, it’s a word that has taken hold in Australia in recent years.

This year all eyes are on Sydney, home to at least 4 confirmed events in coming weeks.

Seven is first cab off the rank with two-days of Upfronts at The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park on October 28 / 29.

“We do want to shake up the way that we bring it to you,” CEO Tim Worner has said, “and this time it’s personal” teasing that media will “see, hear and touch” Seven’s plans in action.

Foxtel MCN will follow on October 30 at Sydney Theatre Company, including with a Red Carpet component.

TEN’s #TurnOnTEN event is set for November 13 at the Star Event Centre and hints at an African theme, no doubt with some announcements coming for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! it’s first big series for 2015.

SBS is the last confirmed event at Luxe Studios on November 14 and has cleverly organised free transport for new users of Uber.

Nine is yet to announce its plans but is tipped to hold a Sydney event in late November.

Network execs are currently attending MIPCOM in Cannes to finalise fresh new titles ahead of the big events.


  1. Unless the networks intend announcing broadcast dates and time slots at these events, they should desist from using the term ‘upfront’ as there is nothing ‘upfront’ about them!

  2. In the US there are dozens of new shows every year so previewing them and promoting them all is big business.

    Australian networks only make a few new shows a year, and launch most new US shows after they have aired in the US. They only confirm airdates a fortnight in advance at most, often a week sometimes less. So previews 6 month or more in advance not import except to media buyers.

    Even in the US there are increasingly changes to announced Fall schedules, and even shows like Mission Control getting cancelled before the pilot has aired, as things get more competitive.

  3. Haha. You are right. Unless a pilot has been made.

    Perhaps if TVTonight and other blogs and news sites took the previews wide to big online audiences – it could motivate the networks to have clips and pilots ready and trailers cut.

  4. David

    In the US, as soon as the networks are finished with their presentations in NYC the upfront “trailers” are made avail online on Youtube. They are reday to go and embargoed till after the event.

    Would be amazing if TVTonight could negotiate this and host all the YouTube videos of upcoming shows as soon as each network finishes the pres.

    • Russell: In my experience networks don’t have much footage in the can for local shows when they do Upfronts, but I will keep it in mind. Gallipoli is already out there as an exception. We’re still waiting for some shows that were announced a year ago! Ahh Australia…

  5. jezza the first original one

    yeah some americanisms are ugly….this one of them.

    So we will be told about all the shows that are definitely happening next year, only to later find out that a fair percentage don’t arrive….

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