Skye Wheatley wins I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2024

Ex-Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley wins jungle crown over Tristan MacManus and Callum Hole.

Former Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley has won I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2024, crowned Queen of the Jungle in a season finale last night.

She defeated former Studio 10 host Tristan MacManus, and ex-Love Island contestant Callum Hole who finished in third place.

Skye won $100,000 for her chosen charity Bully Zero.

Her win wrapped a successful season for 10 in its tenth year.

Skye said, “I feel like the whole journey, the whole experience has taught me so many things. And I just can’t wait to apply those things that I’ve learned in the jungle in my everyday life.”

Much was made of her transformation in the dreaded Viper Room where she grew to accept the 200 snakes that were enveloping her -in the dark- in a kind of zen moment.

“That was my favourite trial. I think I needed that after the first couple of trials. It felt good to just rein in and calm myself down to the point of absolutely loving the trial. I felt so exhilarated and I will never forget that moment.”

“I loved it from start to finish,” said Tristan MacManus. “I think I was saying to everyone, I kind of had to make a conscious decision to be positive and to stay positive and try to form some good habits while I was in here. Because before I hadn’t and everything was getting to me and I was stressed and I was realising how I was reacting to different things at home.”

He added, “But if I didn’t have the campmates that we had, I don’t think it would have worked. So everything worked hand in hand, which was just lucky for me and lucky for the fam, I guess.”

The finale also capped off an amazing debut season by co-host Robert Irwin whose natural charm and enthusiasm proved to be an inspired choice alongside the seasoned Julia Morris.

Irwin was faultless across the season, with boundless confidence, comic timing and ad lib abilities, plus knowledge of the local animals.

He is the real winner of the season.

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  1. I was happy to see Skye win. I was hoping Denise Drysdale would win but she was voted out first. I hope 10 were smart enough to sign Robert on for multiple seasons.

  2. I was a bit skeptical about Robert Irwin hosting, but he did a great job at hosting this show. His late father Steve would be very happy about his son hosting I’m a Celebrity.

  3. Happy Skye I thought her 2 Boys where very cute Tristan and Callum were great as well – Robert Irwin was a great host hope he is comes back next year

  4. Best season so far. Robert was a perfect host with Julia.. Thought they were perfect together in hosting the show. When it started I thought Tristian and Sky to win. Half way through Sky was tipped to win as Sportsbet had her $1.37 favourite. Sportsbet rarely get it wrong. Hopefully Robert and Julia will return for another season next year. Congratulations Sky.

  5. With Liz Ellis winning last year, I would have thought a male would have won this year. But, to my surprise, Skye Wheatley ends up winning. So – yeah!

  6. A great season, and also I would have been happy for any of the final 3 to win, they were all great and worthy winners.
    Loved Robert Irwin hosting, a great get, maybe next year some more animal talk from him and showing us the local wildlife, you could see how he lit up so much when there was an animal on set to tell us about.

  7. Skye was a quality contestant when she was on Big Brother all those years ago. And whilst I haven’t followed her since then, her appearance and subsequent win on IACGMOOH has been nothing short of incredible. The growth in her, you can see the confidence and belief in her own ability growing each week. A well deserved winner.

  8. Congratulations to Skye, even though I had never heard of her and wanted Tristan to win. But well done to her. And her kids are so adorable, especially the little one who thought the stage was a trampoline. That was so cute. And well done to Robert Irwin as the new host. He did a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing him and Julia again next season.

  9. Also just want to say how good Robert was. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning but at only 20 he blew me away with his hosting skills. He and Julia worked really well together.

  10. When Skye first came on I voted to put her in every trial. I think because she was an influemcer which I really can’t stand when I see what others have achieved on that show. But slowly she grew on me when she’d give 100% on every trial and did well.

    I wanted Tristian to win from the beginning.

    But home come Skye’s family were all there but not Tristians?

  11. When I first saw Skye go into the jungle I thought ‘oh no, not her’. How wrong was I, she was great and proved me so wrong. I wanted Ellie to win but Skye was my second choice. Overall, I would have been happy with whoever won as I couldn’t say a bad word about any of them. Like just about everyone else, loved Robert. He is really going to bigger places in media. Great casting all around channel 10!

    1. I’ve never heard of her either, but actually kept voting to save her and Callum, just for the entertainment factor. I thought both of them were great to watch.

    2. And yet that person that ‘nobody knew’ had the 2nd most followers behind Frankie on Instagram who were strongly behind her the whole season.

      1. Perhaps I should have been clearer about my description of the “influencer” and the contribution they actually provide to society vs. the actual value they provide to the generation full of disposable income stuck on their phones, jealous that they don’t have the fake house, fake hair, lips and OF account.

        People with lives outside social media don’t know who she is.

  12. Congratulations channel 10 on a great season and for appointing Robert Irwin to the role..he was great! He is truly a future star..and he and Julia were great together.

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