US to remake The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

It starred Bill Bixby as a single dad with a matchmaking young son, and it's the latest classic series to undergo a remake.

2014-10-19_0135The latest classic series in development for a remake in the US is 1960s sitcom The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father is making a return to television which starred Bill Bixby as Tom and Brandon Cruz.

Originally penned as a book by Mark Toby, the father-son tale was adapted as a 1963 movie starring Glenn Ford and Ron Howard, serving as a junior matchmaker.

The 1969 sitcom ran for three seasons. It was subsequently remade as Eddie’s Father in 2004 with Ken Marino and Josh Hutcherson.

Now a single-camera comedy co-starring and produced by White Collar‘s Willie Garson and written/executive produced by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett has landed at FOX from Warner Bros. TV, and Conan O’Brien’s studio-based Conaco.

Deadline reports Garson’s own experience as an adoptive single father and his “best friends” approach to raising his adopted son have inspired the new version.

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  1. One ep Eddie signs his dad up to a Russian dating site using his credit card and sends $10,000 to a “lovely lady” to help pay for her grandmother’s operation.

    Next ep he confuses Tinder with Grindr and his dad spends the whole day rebuffing advances from well-dressed gentlemen (and one big hairy guy in a leather vest) all of whom have different coloured handkerchiefs hanging out of their back pockets.

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