5 left to battle in The Big Adventure

2014-10-13_0125It will be a rare moment of TV this evening as The Big Adventure gives away one million dollars.

There are 5 left standing in the double episode on Seven.

Real estate agent Natalia, granddad Sean, tradie Mark, mother-of-two Paula and HR coordinator Julie are the last players standing after Von’s elimination last night.

Before departing the island, the 23-year-old Tasmanian was forced to relinquish her golden key to a competing player. She chose island favourite Mark, who now possesses three keys, the most of any player.

Natalia picked up her second key last night; while Paula and Julie have just one key apiece with Sean the only player left with no keys.

Which lucky person will unlock the winning treasure chest and walk away a millionaire?

7:30pm tonight on Seven.


  1. I just have to say this show has to go down on history as one of the worst shows in my book silly concept & what a waste of money from ch 7 kind of like Celebrity Splash- bad choices lately from ch7.

  2. I am watching because there is nothing else on but I really do not care who wins. I would rather a true Australian edition of Survivor (yes we had those 2 versions from earlier, but 3rd times the charm).

  3. The one thing I hate is that the contestants who get eliminated have to hand over their keys to someone else. Yes have eliminations but let that person keep their keys they won and come back at the end to see if they are the lucky one. It would be the sweetest revenge and make great TV if an eliminated contestant came back and won the million.

  4. This show is actually pretty good – the editing is a little dragged out but I prefer it to crap like Big Brother. I love the survivor type alliances and base camp life we get to watch.

    Hope Natalia or Mark win – Paula and Julie don’t deserve to win the million, they have piggybacked off stronger players this entire season

  5. Make sure to check tomorrow if this is ends up being the lowest rated franchise finale with the biggest cash prize!
    I wonder if they’ll split out Winner Announced? lol

  6. @smiley_mick
    And the other contestants who missed out , I suppose.
    Yes, it’s a lot of money to win but could have been executed in a far more interesting way.

  7. harrypotter1994

    I will crack up if Sean wins, he hasn’t had the best of luck, not even sure if he has done an individual challenge. Too bad Vonny has gone so I’m all for Mumma Paula now.

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