Bumped (again): The Big Adventure

2014-10-13_0125Seven has responded again to the numbers for its Reality series The Big Adventure, by moving Observationals into its timeslots.

On Sunday night Surveillance Oz will now air at 7:30pm with The Big Adventure pushed out to 8:30pm. It’s the third timeslot for the new show in as many weeks.

On Monday night the show is out entirely, replaced with Highway Patrol and Nabbed looking at road rules breakers. At least that will see The Blacklist return to an 8:30pm timeslot.

Numbers for the show have not met expectations, at 643,000 for the last outing on Monday.

At this rate the show is at risk of going down as the lowest-rating Aussie show to ever give away a million dollars. Both Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Big Brother were big drawcards when they gave away the same amount over the last decade.

Update: The show will now air once a week on Sundays. At 10 episodes it should end on November 30, the day after ratings end, unless Seven moves the finale into the final week of November. Perhaps it hoped to take on the Big Brother finale….


  1. timmydownawell

    I’m enjoying this show too, but as the others said the MKR/House Rules side commentary, stating the obvious, is completely unneccessary and if they cut that out it would go a long way to editing the show down to a commercial hour. Even if they trimmed it down to 70 mins it would help.

  2. I hear that The Blacklist’s final episode for 2014 (before the Christmas break in the US) will be shown on Monday November 16, meaning the 8.30pm timeslot for November 23 will be vacant. Seven could use it to show the Big Adventure finale.
    I have seen parts of every episode, especially the digging for the key. The show is quite good but at 90 minutes it is too long.

  3. I find myself slowly getting sucked into this show, however it definately has a few flaws. Let’s be honest Jason Dundas is no Jeff Probst, episodes are definately too dragged out but in much the same way as a lot of reality programs it takes a few episodes for you to really get into it so it’s a shame they have bumped it so quickly

  4. I’ve watched every episode of this show, most of the time have enjoyed it but I admit the editing is dragged out and some scenes get repetitious. However it’s still better than 80% of the crap on the FTA networks – at least its light family friendly entertainment, better than shite like Big Brother or boring rubbish like The Block

  5. I like this show but they’ve not kept up the promos. And it’s harder to watch if you don’t catch it live because 7Plus is the most unreliable of all the catchup platforms. I’ve totally cracked the sh*ts in a couple of episodes and not finished them.

  6. Probably all been said before and agree with tomothy below they just drag it out so poorly. You don’t need the cast to describe every single bit of action “We were way in front….then I looked around and they were gaining….so we moved faster….then we were so happy”

    And far too much time at the camp and telling us things we have heard before. Premise is fine, hard not to be being Survivor with a slight tweak, but applying their MKR/House Rules post production to a completely different format just doesn’t work.

  7. Why is it networks hope that a new timeslot will boost ratings? The BA is a load of boring, scripted nonsense and regardless of whether it is shown, it’s going to bomb.
    As for the alleged prizemoney, does anyone seriously believe the producers are going to present the winner with a million bucks…….yeah sure, pull the other one.

  8. Well that’s what happens when you drag out a 1x60min show into 2x90min shows each week.
    The reason why TAR and Survivor works so well in the US, is they know how to edit, and they have other programming to fill the rest of the weeks schedule. TARA could have worked better if they went to an editing for beginners class.

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