Big Brother: finale

Given the abject failure of this season, will next week be the last for Sonia Kruger as a Big Brother host?

Now that ratings are done, Seven is clearly keen to get Big Brother off the schedule with double episodes next week and a finale on Wednesday.

Rating have flatlined for the series, including of late in Total TV.

Monday 8;30pm double episode.
Tuesday 8:30pm
Wednesday 7:30pm final.

In the final episode all nineteen housemates return for the 2023 finale. As the stakes reach their peak, the final housemates make their case to be the winner of Big Brother 2023.

Viewers will still get to vote for a winner which will presumably take place after Tuesday’s double episode.

Producers are understood to have filmed multiple endings to reflect a public vote.

Although the show was announced as returning in 2024, it seems very unlikely Seven will proceed with a 2025 overhaul the only logical option.

Given those possibilities, might this even be the last week Sonia Kruger hosts Big Brother -a brand she has been associated with across 11 years?


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  1. Next season they can send then to an island in the jungle. Each week will be a theme where each contestant will sing for immunity as they pair up in duets & groups for celebrity judges who can only hear there voice all while living on rice with cameras filming them 24 hours a day. Each night they get to live in a house.

  2. The show needs to go live and feel like the event, but I think the game elements (challenges for immunity/nomination power & allowing strategy chat) needs to stay.

    Take the best of the old (the live genuine anything can happen 24/7 soap opera), and the new (elements of a game that the Housemates can actively play to win) – and provided it is done with a good diverse cast, that should be a winner.

  3. God yes. You’re not going to recapture the magic of the Channel Ten years (excluding Kyle & Jackie O) and the format is tired, like Australian Idol.

  4. I’m one of the few who hated the original format but loved the 2020-21 version, the ones filmed near Manly. It was about regular people playing a game and all the drama that went along with it. The VIP series was boring/forgettable and All-Stars was just a little too much like the original for my liking. When one whole episode was just about this one guy’s ex girlfriend turning up, that was the end for me 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I think I watched maybe the first 10-20 mins this year and just couldn’t stomach it lol.

    Hey Seven: I think even you are having trouble deciding what this show is supposed to be. Either go the format you first brought us or make the (often vocal) fans of the original 10 format happy and just go with that. We don’t need Love Island in a warehouse 🙄

  5. I want to see a true mixture of a reflection of Australian society on this show. I want to see the different generational view points on topics which are hard hitting and relevant, uncomfortable. Its the only way we can listen, watch and get an understanding of different view points. I’ve done with the desperation of merging other shows into it. All they need to do is go back to its heart and how it wants to play out.

    1. The producers would sooner give us more tits and bums than broadcast any thought-provoking conversation of the uncomfortable “wrongthink” variety.

  6. Channel 7 please overhaul Big Brother. ITV proved the original format can still work in 2023 especially on a streaming platform.

    I loved Big Brother so much but this season was so disappointing. I don’t understand how 7 and ESA could get it so wrong this year.

  7. The shark was jumped when they did BB-VIP. I watched the previous 7 seasons but as soon as I saw ‘sexy singles’ in the promos for this season, I checked out.

  8. A return in 2025 could be out of the question too. The format no longer resonates. The host is the least of their worries. Remember this is the third network to have had it on their books so I don’t see a future at all.

  9. Just bring back the original live format, that’s what everyone wants. Promote 30min nightly shows, Friday night games, Sunday live evictions all over the summer period in 12 months time and kick things off Feb1 2025. Get a good mix of people age wise and I reckon it will work. I just wish 10 could do it again with Gretel plus Mike Goldman.

  10. Definitely needs resting – and as I’ve said a million times on this site now – reset to a live format. Take inspiration from the UK this year. It has done extremely well in total tv numbers now.

    Sonia needs to go. She doesn’t fit the target audience anymore. A new host who actually watches and is a fan of the show – this works the most. I’d love to see someone like Olympia Valance.

    1. I’m no fan of Sonia, but to be fair to her, she has no idea what’s going on in the house in this non-live format, only what the producers have told her or typed into the autocue. But I agree they need a host closer to 30 than 60.

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