Two nights, three Reality grand finals….

Reality finals are here, and when results will be posted at TVT.

Australian Ninja Warrior, Big Brother and MasterChef Australia all reach their conclusion in just over 24 hours -a smorgasboard of man hours for any Reality TV addict.

Australian Ninja Warrior wraps tonight on Nine at 7:30pm -but there will be the a Record Breakers special to screen on Tuesday too. Results will be published on Tuesday morning.

Big Brother has a Live finale on Seven tomorrow night at 7:30pm, its first in two years to welcome big crowds to FOX Studios. There are four remaining contenders, Reggie, Taras, Johnson and Brenton.

Please note this winner will be published Live AEST on TV Tonight (including Twitter) -kindly adjust your site use accordingly if you are not watching Live AEST.

Meanwhile just three are remaining in MasterChef Australia: Billie, Sarah and Daniel, which is a two hour finale at 7:30pm Tuesday on 10.

Those results will be published on Wednesday morning.

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