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Previously announced as Big Brother: House of Love, reality series is promising its "spiciest season ever."

Big Brother is returning to Seven in November with its “spiciest season ever.”

Previously announced as Big Brother: House of Love, it is now known as merely Big Brother.

Filmed late last year, the Sonia Kruger-hosted series is yet to have a formal premiere announced.

Fifteen sexy, single housemates will be invited to the Big Brother house for a shot at getting their hands on the $100,000 prize… and each other.

Locked away in Big Brother’s custom-built house, every hook-up, break-up and dancing doona will be recorded by more than eighty cameras and microphones.

With so much love, lust and jealously all under one roof, how will our housemates cope as they are cut off from the outside world?

Get set for new rules, new rooms, new tasks, jaw dropping twists, turns and heart stopping challenges in what promises to be the most explosive series of Big Brother yet.

Think you know Big Brother? Think again.

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  1. Gone are the days when contestants on Big Brother were just “everyday Australians” talking to each other. No gimmicks to be shown.

    Now, it’s Love Island meets Temptation Island meets The Bachelors….. in a house….. full of challenges.

    1. Big Brother Aus was never like that outside of maybe the first 2-3 seasons.

      The cast always skewed young (mostly in their 20’s or early 30’s and at least decently conventionally attractive) and there were even a few years (2005 & 2006) where the selling point was “the Housemates are young, hot, and single”.

  2. I don’t mind the last few seasons of BBAu (I like the game-oriented format, even if it would be made better being live, with feeds).

    However, I think I’m out on watching Love House … I mean Big Brother. There’s other shows I can watch to get my game show fix.

  3. Yay, ,just what we all want, Love Island and F-Boy Island in a makeshift house instead of on an island. Perhaps they could renovate a room as well while they are in there, just to be different.

  4. Why on earth would they put this on in November? That’s when all shows are winding down & finishing up for the year. Makes you wonder if it’s a dud.

    1. Programmer’s Wrap in January indicated both SAS and BB would be last to screen as there had been a number of versions of both and they wanted oxygen in between. That of course does not mean it isn’t a dud, but time will tell.

  5. Watching this would be my idea of torture. A combination of every reality show that has ruined reality shows over the past few years rolled in to one (eg. Any love related reality show). Utter trash from top to bottom.

  6. This looks just so awful – and why is Sonia in the house!?

    When you compare the house, marketing, against big brother uk relaunch, the Aus version just looks cheap and awful. Unfortunately I think this will be (and needs to be) the last season.

    Hopefully the show rests and it’s picked up again in the future back to its original roots (and I think ch 10 would be the only network to do this right).

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