Bumped: Big Brother

Struggling reality series is moved to a later slot after just two episodes.

Seven has responded to a low launch for Big Brother by moving it to 8:30pm from next Monday.

This week the show premiered to 274,000 metro viewers (rising to 500,000 in Total TV), then just 213,000 last night (394,000 in Total TV).

Those are a series low for the franchise, and below the failed Blow Up which was bumped to 7flix after two episodes.

A raunchy Big Brother Uncut is yet to premiere at 9:30pm Thursday on 7plus, but won’t be enough to redeem the timeslot.

Many fans of the show have questioned the casting of hot singles and continue to ask for a return to the ‘live’ series, which sources say Seven is considering for the future.

7pm Home & Away triple
8:30pm Big Brother
9:45pm SWAT

7:30pm: Highway Patrol dbl
8:30pm Big Brother
9:45pm The Endgame

7:30pm A Year on Planet Earth
8:30pm Big Brother dbl
NB: Amazing Race is 11:35pm

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  1. This is one of the best season’s of Big Brother that I’ve ever seen, so people if you don’t like it just turn the channel. But As I said this is one of the best season’s & the return of Uncut on 7plus is good too.

  2. I’m in my 30s now and I use to watch big brother with my older siblings when it first started and up until channel 7 got its hands on it, i also watched most of the British version.

    I never had many friends growing up and still don’t but i always enjoyed big brother because i could see real people talking about real issues that I have never had the chance to discuss with people and id be able to see people’s differing opinions.
    I really owe the show a lot because it provided me a lot of insight that I would not and have not got in my own personal/social life.
    I don’t know if it could truly go back to what it was like in the start because these days peoples opinions and views can be seen as “wrong”.
    I think they can and should go back to something similar to what it use to be and what a lot of people want it to be. It really upsets me that a show that I really think moulded me has become so trashy at the hands of producers when fans have so clearly wanted something else

  3. This is the worst season by far… Last season was really good and now this crap with kids that can only use 2 words… Its trash and whoever decided this was a good idea should be made accountable.

    1. Worse than the season that had that stupid segment with the badly edited woodchipper task that was apparently able to shred completely solid objects? Wow. 😂

  4. Well this explains why it was shoved to the back of the year. Twitter has been brutal. But a triple Home & Away on Monday? Just don’t. Why can’t they go back to just half an hour? These triple episodes every other Thursday are a pain in the arse.

    1. FTA aren’t willing to waste expensive dramas on low-rating Fridays, but they also do not want to amass a backlog of episodes and fall behind the rest of the world (as other markets likely play out the series five nights per week, as originally intended). It also explains why Neighbours have cut back to just four episodes per week (though they’re lucky to be back on the air at all).

      I understand that triple episodes aren’t ideal, but you could just as easily space out the episodes by recording them or watching them on 7Plus over the course of the week as opposed to double/triple episodes in one fell swoop.

  5. I can’t wrap my head around how Big Brother would even expect to work in 2023. Who is it targeting exactly? With the vast majority of younger viewers using streaming services these days, why would they be watching Channel 7 of all channels? Haven’t exactly seen any outdoor billboards/ads for it either. It seems like such a strange time of year for it to debut as well.

  6. I was a big fan of the original series when it aired on Nine and Ten years back. Looking at the stats it appears the show had been losing viewers gradually since the 2007 season. It could be down to the format being overworked/getting tired etc. When the viewer figures dropped it did coincide with a focus on attractive, model-like housemates. In the successful seasons it appears the housemates chosen were more of a mix of interesting characters and stories. Maybe other people would disagree with me but this current big brother voice really needs to go. Its too camp and whiney. As others mentioned already it tried to imitate survivor. that show already exists why duplicate it? But that may have breathed new life into the show. Who knows.

    1. We need more people like Tim Dormer, Danny & Reggie. They made it entertaining & funny. This current mob are rather boring. I will stick it out for a bit more & hope they grow on me. Can’t stand sexist, obnoxious Dion.

  7. Destined for 7 flix before the end of season.

    Highway Patrol repeats have been confirmed and it looks like some Home and Away episodes will be burned up at 7.30pm as well.

  8. Seven will burn off the remaining episodes as far as they can, or shift it to Sevenmate in a week or so. I will be very surprised if Big Brother reappears in 2024, and as others have said, if only Channel 10 had control again of the franchise and they returned the format to something like the original Big Brother of the early 2000s – more eclectic and interesting housemates from varied backgrounds, less of the instagram models and gym junkies.

  9. Absolutely zero surprise. Surprised it was where it was to begin with, with all the negative media attention in the lead up to.

    I wish seven didn’t have the licensing for this next year.

    Was really hoping ten would pick it up – I feel like they’d actually do it justice and return it to the original format.

    I sound like a broken record here, but they need to look at how the uk relaunched the program this year. It’s done extremely well – casting, the house, the live format, live feed, the marketing pre-launch, the original social experiment.

  10. BBAU is dead in the water. There’s no way it’ll be back next year. Or ever, unless someone else gives it a run years in the future from now. It’s done.

  11. They really compromised and appeased no one in terms of how they produced this season.

    Those who liked the old version (live produced with live feeds & viewer vote, younger skewing but genuine cast, cheeky vibe), don’t like the current season because while it’s cheeky, it’s not live and the cast is not genuine.

    For those who liked the current version (strategy game oriented format, relatively diverse cast) don’t like like the season because the cast is not diverse (all straight, under 35 and mostly white) and they don’t have the competitive edge or game smarts to be pitted against each other in a social-strategy game for a big prize, and are content to just hook up.

    1. This is so on the money.

      For myself who grew up liking the AUS one then kinda getting bored with it when it went to 9, I then started watching the US version around BB15 and loved the strategic addition to the game.

      I always thought not talking about nominations was a dumb rule to have. More drama is created from the addition of that rule.

      This hybrid version does nothing because you have these morsels of strategy but you have players who are not at all interested in that and are there to hook up.

      I do genuinely think a more strict adaptation of the US version could work here but for now 10 should be looking at the relatively successful BBUK revival as a benchmark for what to do with this format when 7 give away the option to produce another series.

      BBAU has never been that diverse but it has certainly been a lot better than this…

      1. I mostly agree. I’m in the camp of loving the US & Canadian versions of BB, and barely having watched the old Aussie seasons.

        I didn’t mind the last few seasons as an adaption of the US/Canadian game while maintaining elements of the BBAu (Big Brother voice, shopping tasks, viewer’s winner vote, ect) as well as a relatively diverse cast (in terms of age and social-economic, a little lacking in LGBT and race). Maybe there were too many fake eviction twists, but otherwise it was a fun watch.

        While there’s definitely elements of the new UK show worth taking, I hope any future show is not a wholesale adaptation of that show.

        Rather, I hope it can take the best from both versions (a live produced show, with live feeds, with viewer votes, with some game challenges (for immunity & game power) and allowing the Housemates to strategise about the voting and a diverse, competitive and genuine cast).

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