Returning: Big Brother

Watch the first 21 minutes of Big Brother 2023 here.

Big Brother is back on Seven next  with its ‘spiciest season ever’ with ‘fifteen sexy singles who enter the house.

Hosted once more by Sonia Kruger, here’s what to expect.

Seven will also feature Big Brother Uncut on 7plus this season (not 2024 as incorrectly announced at Upfront).

With a fresh new look, watch out for:

  • A set of sisters playing together as one Housemate
  • The King and Queen Suite: where two lovebirds can get up close and personal away from the other Housemates
  • Host Sonia Kruger entering the Big Brother House for the first time ever to deliver evictions
  • Big Brother Uncut airing exclusively on 7plus every Thursday night, showcasing the juiciest, sexiest, raunchiest and funniest unseen moments that are too explicit for television

Returning gameplay favourites:

• House Nominations: The Housemates will all have the power to nominate who they want to be up for eviction
• Secret Missions: Housemates may be asked by Big Brother to take part in secret tasks of his choosing
• Nominations Challenges: These challenges return with exciting new gameplay. All Housemates will compete and the winner will be safe from eviction and have the sole ability to nominate
• Secret Rooms: Undisclosed elements of the House will throw everything into chaos Housemates are cut off from the outside world in a custom-built house, fitted with over 80 cameras and microphones recording their every move for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Get set to witness multiple hook-ups, break-ups and real love blossom amongst hilarious House tasks, parties, disaster dates, twisted punishments, and royal rewards. Who wins?  You decide.

7:30pm Monday, 6 November on Seven.

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  1. Sorry I’m still confused with the upfronts saying BB returning with uncut, is it returning for another season next year after this one or are they talking about this season? Just weird a renewal before the season has begun, not that I’d complain lol

  2. I’ve watched every series of BB, even through the struggle that is 7. But this series I won’t be watching. It’s plain awful.

    The house looks so cheap (some free standing wardrobes and a whole lot of ottomans randomly placed, really!?) – it’s terrible when you compare it to the amazing UK house this year.

    And that diary room chair has to be with worst thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t even get me started on the fact you can see the black pole and wire.

    I honestly don’t know what seven were thinking for this series.

  3. With a fresh new look, watch out for:
    A set of sisters playing together as one Housemate
    In 2005 we had the Logan twins.
    Seven need to watch what they are saying.

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